Forever Spring

Robert P.D. Beezer
David R.D. Beezer
Patricia I. Dorsey
Robert A. Beezer

July 2004
© 2004


This is an account of our three-month trip through Italy, France and the British Isles in the Spring of 2004. Primarily it is a souvenir for our sons, David (age 11) and Robert (age 9). But we will enjoy having it also, and for friends and family at home, we also posted rough-drafts on the Internet in installments as we went.

Robert kept a handwritten journal, which David and I typed in as we went. Robert wrote most days, but not all, and kept up pretty well with the daily routine. Photos in his section are his own selection, taken with disposable cameras.

David typed in his daily entries religiously (after about three days of handwriting them), and moreso when he learned he had a following back home. The photos in his section are a selection from his roughly 2,000 digital photos taken with his own camera.

Pat sent an email message home about once a week, summarizing the latest leg of the journey. Those messages are reconstructed in her section.

Rob’s entries are about the equal of David’s in length and thoroughness. Rob’s photos are a larger subset of his roughly 2,000 digital photos.

We used a small Mac iBook to manage our digital photos, record our journal entries and upload installments to a website on

We hope you find the four different perspectives on our family’s adventure both entertaining and insightful.

Robert A. Beezer
Gig Harbor, Washington
December, 2004