Friday, March 26:  Starting Out

We finally started our trip! It was a long morning, but I entertained myself long enough to not go crazy. Mary Magee, a friend of ours, dropped by to pick us up and take us to where the shuttle is. We didn’t want to take our car, because it would be there until June. I said goodbye to our dogs and cat, and got in the car. Mary was very enthusiastic, and quickly drove us to the “Inn at Gig Harbor”. We expected to wait for 20 minutes, but it ended up to be 60! Finally, a shuttle came in, but it was only to drop people off, not to pick people up. 5 minutes later the real one came and we got on. It was another 30 minutes until we got to Sea-Tac airport and our hotel room. We checked in at the Coast Gateway Hotel, and stayed in room 417. It was very roomy for just one night, and getting up at 4:30 for our 6:00 AM plane flight. For dinner we went to Denny’s down the road, and I had a breakfast food, even though it was dinner. It was a sandwich with egg and ham and cheese. All of us walked back to our room and instantly fell asleep. I hope the plane flights won’t be too long!