Saturday, March 27:  A Fast Morning for a Long Plane

As we planned, we got up early at 4:30 AM to get ready for our plane flight. I hurried down to the door at the lobby to catch the airport shuttle, but stopped to snag a couple muffins. We sat and waited for a bit until we got to the airport, and hopped off. We then walked through the X-ray and checkers until we got to our gate. I was kinda hungry, so we stopped at a little shop to have some orange juice and a cinnamon roll, which tasted very good. Reluctantly, we trudged to our gate and (again) waited. At last they called our rows and the group boarded. I was on the right side of the plane, and enjoyed the take off by peering out the window. We then broke through the clouds, and it looked like a sunny day with still tons of snow. I eventually lost interest, so I read and played some games until we landed, 4 hours later.

We were in Chicago, and as we left the airport we met up with my Uncle Steve, and he took us to the Hilton Hotel, to have lunch. I ordered some mozzarella sticks with Mariana sauce. Then, my grandma and her nanny came. I haven’t seen my grandma for a while, it was nice to see her. We talked for a while, and Steve said that Grandma had a room at the hotel for the night, while he works on the house. But every 5 minutes she kept on forgetting and always worried about her dogs. We had to leave and go back to the airport, so we said goodbye. We got to our gate and boarded, and then shortly took off. I was now on Iberia Airlines, and we used to be on American, so this one was different. It had a middle aisle, where our parents sat, a radio in the armrest, and a TV that showed programs only on the airlines. The only good one was called “Just For Laughs”, which was like candid camera. My dad encouraged me to sleep, which I had trouble doing, but did eventually. When I woke up it was daytime and was sunny, so it was the next day.