Sunday, March 28:  The Planes that Time Forgot

Still on the plane, it was 5:00 AM real time, but it didn’t feel like it. Shortly, we landed in Spain after 7 hours. I was feeling woozy after a while, but got off the plane and headed to our next, but final, gate. Now it was 8:00 AM real time, but it felt like 11:00 PM! My Dad got us a sandwich with ham and white cheese, and we ate it while we waited for our plane. People smoked a lot in Spain, so everything smelled bad. After a few hours our plane came and we boarded. This flight was Iberia again, but only had two aisles. It wasn’t very interesting until we saw the land of Italy, and it was beautiful! We quickly landed in Rome and left the airport. This airport was much better than the one in Spain. We took a taxi to our hotel, but he was a little reckless. He enjoyed pushing (not literally) cars into the other lanes by nearly bumping into them. He also talked to other taxi drivers he knew when they drove by. Safe, we reached our hotel, the Hotel Aberdeen.

It was a small hotel, with a typically Italian kind of interior. We checked in and hurried up the stairs to our room, number 35. It was much better than our room at the airport, with 3 beds. Mom and Dad got the Queen size, and Robert and I got the single beds. Mine was cool because it was separated by a counter, so I had my own little area. The bathroom was different than others because it had a flusher that had a start and stop button, a bidet for washing your butt, and that in public bathrooms there isn’t a toilet seat! We unpacked and then went out to see Rome’s churches. As we were walking around I got a feeling of Rome, lots of Vespas, and a ton of orange or brown buildings. We walked down our little street, and then came to a big fountain in the middle of a roundabout. Then I noticed something. Cars! There is one called a Smart car, and holds two people and is 6-8 feet long! It could fit in a motorcycle space. We found a church, and walked inside. The first one was doing mass, so we didn’t explore it, but I was sorry that we couldn’t. Our next stop was the Santa Maria Vittoria, which was even cooler! It had all kinds of wings, and even somebody’s bones! There was a lot of gold on the altar, and shimmered very nicely. But the main part was that there was a sculpture by Bernini, which showed St.Theresa being stabbed with an arrow by an angel. Our last church was the St. Maria Angelly. It wasn’t as cool, but was very amazing in comparison to our church!

Afterwards, we stopped to have our first gelato (Italian ice cream). I ordered limone (lemon), which was very, very good. We ate it by the fountain, and after we finished we headed home. I grabbed my coat and we rushed out to dinner, at the Cuizana Nazionale, and I ordered a cheese pizza with no tomato sauce! Lastly, we walked home and went to bed.