Monday, March 29:  Our First Full Day in Europe

After our breakfast, we went to see some more sights. Our first stop was the Santa Maria Majorrie, which was my favorite church so far. It had a huge golden mosaic, which we payed 1 euro to light up. When we did, it sparkled all over the church! The coolest part was that there were actual pieces of wood from the real manger where Jesus was born! Mom liked how Bernini was buried there. The second stop was the St. Peter-in-Chains church. It is called this because it has the chains where Peter was tied to when he was in jail, twice! Another main attraction here was the “Moses,” a huge sculpture by Michaelangalo that showed, of course, Moses, and a bunch of other people carved in marble. It was going to be 3-D, but it was placed up on the wall because the sculptor died before finishing it.

After that, we went to the Forum, which was amazing! It had all kinds of ruins everywhere, and it was fun to try to imagine buildings once standing on the spot. We payed to buy a ticket to go up higher, and it was very pretty. There were a lot of palm trees, and a cat. We could look down to see an ancient chariot speedway, and I thought it was cool. I was starting to get hungry, so we headed over to the Colosseum to get lunch. I got a calzone and a lemon soda off of a stand, and I sat down to eat it. When we were finished, we quickly headed over to the entrance to the Colosseum and walked in (the tickets we bought also covered entrance to the Colosseum). It looked really cool to see the inside, and it was so huge! You could see where they kept the lions underground because the real floor wore away. They also had to do some construction around the edges, but it was OK. We walked around in a circle and then we left.

We had a long walk home, and we got really tired. I did my homework, and then we went to dinner. It was at a funky little place with writing on the walls, and we wished we brought crayons. We split a ravioli and each had a dessert. I had tiramasu, and Robert had caramel creme. We walked back home and fell asleep. I wonder what we’ll do in Rome tomorrow?