Tuesday, March 30:  Beautiful Borghese

Today we had our second breakfast here, and I made some precautions. I didn’t grab the pineapple yogurt, and instead got strawberry, which was good. We met some people at the table next to us who were from San Diego, California, and my parents chatted. After that we walked north from our hotel to look for the Capichan Monk’s bone art, but sadly it was closed for remodeling.

So we skipped over to our next stop, the Borghese Gardens, and walked through it. We got to a huge building with lots of pigeons, which was the Borghese Gallery. I walked in to have my bag and camera taken away, because the staff didn’t want them in the museum. To beat the crowds in the gallery, we did the paintings on the second floor first. We were limited to a half-hour in that area, so we moved quickly. My favorite painting was one painted on the ceiling, and was neat because when you look up, the painting is at an angle like you are below them! It made sense because it was angels on clouds. Also, the artist painted outside of the frame and painted shadows which made it look like little cherubs were falling out of the painting! When our time was up, we headed down a story to the sculptures, which were incredible. There were many rooms, and every room was decorated around the statue in the middle, which was different from other museums. My favorite sculpture was the...

“David”! Duh. It showed David fighting Goliath, with his sling about to fire. The sculptor, Bernini, made the body look like David, but the face was a self-portrait of himself! When we saw everything, we headed to the cafeteria on the first floor for lunch. I ordered another calzone (or what they called here a “folded pizza”), that was much better than the one I had yesterday, and it was fully cooked. We ate outside, and after I finished, I took pictures of pigeons.

We shuffled out of the park, and walked a while until we came to the Spanish Steps, which turned out to be a huge hang-out place, and we hurried out until we were engulfed by the crowd. Our next stop was the Trevi Fountain, which was huge! The main statue of marble in the middle was Titus, the ocean god. After throwing coins into the water, we moved on. It was definitely the neatest fountain ever! We were a little tired, so we stopped for gelati again. I had a mint scoop and a chocolate scoop in a bowl. The chocolate actually tasted like real chocolate, and was the best I had ever tasted. Right across us was the Pantheon, which was very old, and had a impressive dome. The dome inspired the Capitol Building in Washington, Monticello, and St. Peter’s cathedral! Inside it was very empty, but had lots of religious statues on the walls. There was a huge skylight at the top of the dome, and whenever it rained, it fell through to the floor!

We left and backtracked to the North American College, which wasn’t a school, but was like a convent. I went there because that’s where we get our tickets for the Pope, which is tomorrow! They told us about where it is, what time it is, etc. We departed to head to dinner, but popped in a little church really quick, but wasn’t special. I had a Margerita (not an alcoholic beverage) pizza, which was really big, but I ate it. It was at the Forst restaurant, and I have no clue what that name means. We took a taxi home with a depressed driver, and came home to do homework. Tomorrow we’re going to see the Pope, and I am very excited!

Photo 238  This is the Coliseum!
Photo 239  A Picture of Me at the Borghese Gallery