Thursday, April 1:  The Vatican Museum

Photo 240  The Amazing Trevi Fountain
Photo 241  A Ceiling Modeled After the Pantheon
Today I got up and was a little grumpy and tired, but lived through it. We had our usual breakfast and headed out. It was 6:30 when I woke up, because we were going to get to the Vatican Museum early to beat the crowds. As we planned, there was almost nobody there. We waited for 45 minutes until we could go in. While we were waiting, our dad tried to fool us that we were going to cancel the trip, my brother believed him, but I didn’t. He then yelled out that it was April Fools and I completely forgot! I went through the X-ray again, and wasn’t detected. I then headed up the stairs and into the Ancient Egyptian area. It was may favorite part in the entire museum, especially the mummy in a sarcophagus. Our next part was the Sumerians, which I studied in Social Studies class. I liked the Cuneiform writing I had read about. Mom liked how the Egyptians worshipped cats, because she is a vet. I slowly drifted into the Greek and Roman exhibits, and then the Etruscans, with really neat pottery with only black and orange dye. After that we went down a long hallway of sculptures, views, tapestries, and maps.

Moving on, we studied the paintings. My favorite one was the school of Athens, which had many philosophers and scientists all together in one school. All of the people are talking or studying, except for one who is looking straight at you. That is Raphael, a hidden self-portrait! I was excited as we headed over to the Sistine chapel, and was amazed at looking at The Last Judgment on the wall. Jesus looked mad, and I never saw him like that. The ceiling was amazing too. Tired, we hurried through the painting gallery, and in comparison to everything else, was hardly mentionable. As we got hungry, I headed to the cafeteria at the museum and had some tortellini with a side of kiwi. The kiwi was good, and the noodles were only OK. We decided to head to a gellateria, which a student of my dad said was the best in Rome. I left the museum, only to find that there wasn’t a line! We got up early for nothing. I crossed the street and ordered chocolate and lemon in a bowl. We sat in the grass to eat it, and it was delicious! The chocolate was a little better, and the lemon was heavenly. It was a perfect mix of tartness and sweetness. We decided to split up, because my dad and I needed to go shopping. Mom and Robert went to the Holy Steps. Everyone went to the subway, but Dad and I got off first, to head to our hotel. It seemed that Dad left his camera battery at the X-ray, but maybe not. Mom said she saw a battery at our room. We got to our room and saw that it was my battery Mom saw, not his.

We quickly left to go on errands. We needed a battery, a cable to go from my camera to my computer, a money pouch, a sketch pad, a teacher identification card, a map of Italy, a disposable camera, and a few other nick-nacks. Luckily, we found everything except for the battery and the teacher card. I walked home and found my mom and Robert home, and then began typing this. When we got hungry we headed to our favorite restaurant, the one with the writing on the walls. We brought our crayons so we could write our names. The place was closed, so we waited for 30 minutes. I headed inside and sat at our same table, near the wall. This time we ordered wisely. We each had a ravioli dish and split a meal of veal, which was pretty good, though it didn’t look like it! My brother thought otherwise. I purposely stuffed myself silly with the food on the table before our meal. I had 4 breadsticks, a piece of bread, 2 potato fingers, and a ball of dough with cheese and something else I don’t know. With a hurt jaw, I walked home and went to sleep. I can’t wait to see Sorrento tomorrow, because that is where we are going next!