Friday, April 2:  Sunny Sorrento

We got up at 7:00 and headed down for our last breakfast at the Aberdeen Hotel. I only had a roll and yogurt, but tried the coffee yogurt too. I didn’t like it, because it was too sweet for coffee. We thanked the cooks and went up to our rooms. I went to work on the computer typing our first few days, because at first I wanted to write it, but decided to type my journal on the 29th. I finished and packed up all of my stuff to get ready. My mom and dad went out of the room to use the free computer to buy my dad a battery online. While Robert and I played, Robert saw the taxi we were waiting for drive up. We told our parents and we rushed out of the hotel, thanking the people at the desk. Our taxi driver was nice and helped us when Dad learned about how to drive in Italy. After about 30 minutes we reached the airport, and got off. We were supposed to meet a man with a sign with our name, but we didn’t see him. While we were waiting, I saw another man come out of a door with a sign, and it was him. I told my parents, and they walked over to sign some papers about the car we were renting for the trip.

After they were finished, we walked to the parking lot to get our car. He stopped at a blue Peugeot, that was really cool! It was an average sized car, but had a cool lion logo everywhere. Also, when the sun hit it, it shined a very pretty blue. Dad said that we should be quiet throughout the car trip, considering it was hard to drive in a new car. I read the Lord of the Rings until we got to a lunch stop, at the Auto Grill. It had three different restaurants inside, kind of like a food court. I had a pizza with fries and Fanta soda. It was pretty good for fast food. As we left, Robert got distracted by a 3 foot shiskabab with a bunch of different marshmallows on it. Robert wanted to buy it. My mom agreed with him, but my dad thought otherwise. We loaded back into the car and drove until we got to Sorrento. It was right near the water, and was sunny and even had palm trees! It took us awhile to find parking and where our B&B was, because we got lost. I walked into the doorway of the Palazzo Starace, and we placed our bags on a little dumbwaiter that the owner at the top of the stairs was controlling. We headed up the stairs and met her as she showed us our room. It was very pretty, because everything was blue and white. We got our own little room out in the corner, which had a huge space. The bathroom was just the same as the one in Rome. Robert and I moved some things around in our room, like putting the table up by the window, making my bed face the other way, and unpack our junk. As the owner left, we snagged some complimentary chocolates.

As we got bored, we went out across the street to get some more gelati. I had coconut and chocolate, which was really good too. The street we were on was closed because there was a ferrari show going on. We looked at them, and I decided my favorite was a big yellow one. My mom got bored so she rushed us off to some more churches. They weren’t anything special, though one had a huge crucifix being held up by some clear string, and looked like it was floating. After that, we headed to a tourist agency so that we could find out some stuff. As we passed I noticed that there were a lot of dogs lying about, and they loved to be pet. Except there was a cat at the agency that would rush off at any sight of us. As we walked I got a feel of the town, a tropical place on the coast, where a lot of vacationers come. It reminded me of a place like Hawaii. My mom learned from the tourist place that there was a good place to find some limoncello, a lemon liquor, which must be famous here. She went in and showed us how they make it, because you could see them. Mom asked the lady at the counter if they only used the lemon peels for flavor, and she said yes. Mom joked that they should make lemonade with the extra, unpeeled, lemons. The lady said that she could give us free lemons and instantly rushed back to get us some. Surprised at our, um, “purchase”, we walked home. Then I wrote this.

After a few hours we went out to dinner. It was at the “Aurora Pizzeria”, and was right nearby. Each of us had a pizza, and Mom had her first pizza in Italy (I’ve already had one or two). I had cheese and sausage, Robert had plain cheese, Mom had some mixture of vegetables, and Dad had the special, the radicchio and cheese. After dinner, Robert and my dad went out to buy a soccer jersey, and Mom and I went back home. I went to bed, and later Robert did too. I can’t wait to see the ruins of Pompeii tomorrow!