Saturday, April 3:  The Ruins of Pompeii

Today I got up a bit late, but we made it out in time. My mom and I went to the laundromat to get our clothes washed, and Robert and my Dad went to breakfast. I went to the laundromat, and the man at the desk said to go down into the alley to get to the washers, and so we did. There was a helper at the place, and she helped us load the laundry. We needed two washers, so we put in the coins and left, because it would take a while. We headed to breakfast, and met Dad and Robert. They warned us to order cold milk, because Robert got a hot one. I got a chocolate croissant, and cold milk. We get a ticket from our B&B so that we could get a free food and drink here, which I thought was cool.

Afterwards, Mom and Robert went back to the washers, and Dad and I went to a restaurant with internet to check it out. There were pay booths, and we got ten minutes on them. Dad checked his mail, and we left. I went back to the laundromat to find that Mom had bought a tea towel with lemons on it. Mom watched the washer and everyone else went to buy a soccer ball for Robert.We headed back and I packed up the laundry. Then we all left to go to the hotel. Mom stayed at the room to put away the laundry, and left us to buy a picnic lunch at a funky deli shop. We finally got back and we all left to go to the train station that would take us to Pompeii. It took a while until we got moving, but eventually we did. As we travelled, it was fun to look out and see the countryside (That was a fast morning!).

Thirty minutes later, we got to our destination, bought tickets, and went in. I walked around and went through the ruins. My favorite part was seeing the corpses of those caught in the blow of Mt. Vesuvius. After awhile, we stopped at a bench to have our lunch of sandwiches and apples. Robert found some cool lizards, and after the entire journey we counted 16! We left at 3:00 to catch another train home, and I had fun petting a dog until it came. When we got to our stop, we walked home. Dad said we should go for gelati, because he found a nice one nearby. When we found it, I had mint and coconut, which was really good. When we were ready, we went out to dinner at the Red Lion. I ordered a pizza with sausage again, but this one was better. Robert ordered cannelloni, and my parents each got some huge four course thing. For a drink, I got a strawberry shake. Robert thought he would get a chocolate shake if he ordered cocco, but it was white, and I said it was coconut, because I remembered what cocco was from the gelateria! After we finished, which was a long time because of our parents meals, I went home and my dad figured out how to use the hot water for a shower, not the cold. When I finished, I went straight to bed.