Sunday, April 4:  The Amalfi Coast

Photo 242  A Lemon Grove in Sorrento
Photo 243  A Town Along the Amalfi Coast
Today we got up and out to go to breakfast. We decided to go to another place that our breakfast card covers, only to find that nothing was healthy or filling, so we went back to the place we went yesterday. I had the same thing, a chocolate croissant and some cold milk. After we finished, Mom wanted us to go to Palm Sunday mass at the Cathedral. But instead of palms they had olive branches! One other interesting thing is that they believe in a legend that a small girl escaped from a sinking ship she was on and hid in the Sorrento Cathedral, and the town wanted to adopt her. She was very thankful, and gave all that she had to the altar, some colorful sugared almonds. And that was on Palm Sunday, so everyone has little candied almonds in church! When the mass started, it wasn’t too interesting because they did the entire thing in Italian, and I didn’t get it. They did the Passion, the Eucharist, and the closing prayer, and then they finished. Afterwards, Dad and I went to the same meat shop to get a lunch. He ordered provolone and ham and bread. But he also got soda! Yes! We walked home and met Robert and Mom at the hotel, packed our bags and walked to the bus station to go to the Amalfi Coast.

We got on a bus after a while, and we boarded on the right side for a better view when we’re driving. I couldn’t wait to get started, because some people call this the prettiest drive in the world! The bus had to do a lot of little loops in the town to get out, but eventually did. It was so beautiful to see the Meditteranean Sea! The road twisted and turned, and every mile was even prettier. When we got to Amalfi, we had to get on another bus to go up high to Ravello, another cute little town. But while we waited we had lunch. When we caught the bus and got up, I walked to the plaza. There were lots of pigeons and kids on scooters, and was pretty neat. I looked out over a wall and saw a huge hill full of terracing, like we learned in Reading. It made it so that you could grow crops on a hill. Dad took us for gelato again, and I had lemon and cocnut on a cone. It was hard to tell which flavor was which, because they were both white! Mom wanted us to go into a jewelry shop to look at how they use coral, and so we did. Luckily, we also found a nice chain to hold all of Robert’s medals that he collected and that were blessed by the Pope. He needed a chain because his red string on his wrist that used to hold them was falling apart. Satisfied, we left. Dad wanted to go into a pottery shop, and mom ended up buying a cork with a painting of a lemon on it. While I waited, I had fun playing with a nice cat who didn’t run away.

After that we had to leave, and took the bus back down to Amalfi. To wait for the next bus, we played in the sand and water on the beach. But when the last bus came, we reluctantly got on. It took and hour and a half to get back, but when we got to Sorrento, we got out a good walk somewhat far from our hotel room because it was caught in bad traffic. While we walked home, I pet various stray dogs until we got home, dropped our junk, and walked out to dinner at the Pizzeria nearby. I had another pizza, which was better than all of the others I’ve tried. When we all finished, I walked home. I did an essay about the mass we went to for homework, and then fell asleep. I hope Naples isn’t too crowded tomorrow!