Monday, April 5:  The Crowded City of Naples

Today I got up kinda early to write my journal for yesterday, and finished it. Mom and Robert went to breakfast because Robert wanted to eat at the gellateria, and nobody else did. When they got back, they said both of the stores, the gellateria and the place we ate at twice, were closed because it was Monday. So all of us went to a new place, and it was down an alley nearby. I had another chocolate croissant, and it was delicioso! It had tons of filling and sprinkles. For a drink I had my milk. After we ate, we walked home to get ready to go to Naples. Afterswards, we left and headed to the train station, to catch a train. When we got our tickets and got on, we noticed that there were paintings on the train to make it look like your head, which you could see through the window, was the head of some character! I chose to be an overweight superman, my brother was some Mexican dude on a donkey, my mom was a mermaid, and my dad was a computer geek. Dad took our pictures, and sat down. I noticed that we were starting on the first end of the track, and had to travel all the way to the end of the track, which meant we were on the longest possible train trip! It took about an hour.

Once we got to Naples, we took two subways to take us closer to the National Archaeological Museum. Once we finally got there, it was about lunch, so we ate at a pizzeria. I had a lasagna pizza, like a cheese pizza with ricotta. It was really good, especially the extra cheese! For a drink we each had a lemon Fanta. After we ate I headed to the museum. It wasn’t long until we got to a huge pink building, so we headed inside. My dad bought tickets, and soon we were seeing the sights. First we went to the Egyptians, then Pompeii, then Rome, and then some misc. things, like the Etruscan pottery. Once we finished we took a semi-long walk to the docks of the ferry that will take us back to Sorrento. I entertained myself by pick-pocketing things from my brother without him noticing. Once we got to the docks, we had some more gelato. As my dad says, I think this is turning into an ice cream tour of Europe! I had coconut and chocolate. We had to wait for an hour until the ferry came, and I played with a lazy stray dog until it did. We quickly boarded, and I sat with Mom near the front. I passed the time by reading my book until we got back. It only took 30 minutes, because you didn’t have to go around the water, just straight through it! We got off at the bottom of a cliff near the plaza at our room, and climbed the stairs to get there. I finally got there, and hurried home.