Tuesday, April 6:  A Rest Day

WARNING: Today we took a day off, and this page is extremely boring and slow! Read at your own risk!

Today we didn’t do much, so I slept in a bit. I woke up and just lied about. Dad had a load of laundry, so he took me to the laundromat because he needed help doing it. We met up with Mom and Robert at breakfast at the normal place, and had the usual. We then went home and did more of nothing. Soon, Dad took us to an internet cafe because he needed to check his mail. We waited until he finished, and we headed to the grocery store. I was happy because I wanted to by some Nutella! Mmm, chocolate. We then split up, because Robert wanted to buy a soccer shirt. My mom and I went home and I read. When they got home, I saw Robert’s white Beckham shirt, and it was pretty cool. After a while we headed to lunch at a gellateria/restaurante. I had sausage and fries, plus another Fanta. After we ate, we slothed home to rest and lie down. We ended up watching E.T. on the computer, and Mom drank her limoncello. It was a slow movie, and I think I slipped into the Doldrums.

Then Robert and Dad went to go play soccer, and left us to do some more resting. Mom made me get up and walk to a quiet little lemon grove, and it was very pretty. We slouched home and found the others there. They had no luck at the field, and got no excersise. They got home, and we eventually went to dinner at the Aurora place again. I had a plain cheese pizza, and wasn’t anything special. Afterwards, we headed to the Davide Gellateria, and I had some very delicious mandarin orange, and some chocolate too. Mom went home because we were buying her birthday present early. I wanted to get some lemon chocolates, as lemons are a huge specialty in Sorrento. We stopped at our breakfast place for some, but instead of being 5.50 euro as I planned, it was mislabeled and was about 20. So instead we went to the Limonro Liquere store and got it there. We dragged on home and gave it to Mom because it would melt in the car. I sang happy birthday even though it wasn’t her birthday and then we went to bed, like little lethargians. I am too tired to care about what we are doing tomorrow, but I think we’re driving.