Thursday, April 8:  A Day in Assisi

Today we got up with a jump because it was bright and sunny. Dad tried to get the internet working on his laptop, and it took him a while. I read an E-mail from our housekeeper, Carley, who said that Willow, my cat, was getting used to her being around. But soon we were packing our bags to leave at about lunchtime. When we were ready, we walked down to the breakfast room. It had a wonderful buffet, including Nutella! I grabbed my food and started eating. I made a mess with the chocolate, and it was kind of funny. My parents made me have milk, but when I drankit, it tasted strangely like asparagus. After everyone ate and drank, Mom and Robert loaded their stuff into the car because they were going back to the St. Francis Basillica. Dad and I stayed behind and he helped me with my math. When I got it, Dad took me to go see some sights.

Our first stop was the Rufino church, which was neat because there was glass on the floor that made it look like you were walking on nothing. But besides that, it was very cool. Next was the Saint Stephano church, which was small and only had two rows. It was neat because of the wooden roof and the age. Afterwards, Dad needed to go to an internet cafe to check his E-mail, so I came. He took about 15 minutes, paid, and left. Since we hadn’t checked out of our room, we walked home and did so. I grabbed our bags and locked the door, while Dad talked to the clerk. Dad loaded our bags in the car, and since Robert and Mom weren’t back, we waited on the street. I typed up this part so that Dad would have more time at night. Eventually they came back and were very thirsty, so went inside to get a drink.

When they came back, Dad, Robert, and I went to go to a castle, but Mom stayed behind. It wasn’t a long walk, but it was steep. Eventually we got to the top of the hill and bought some tickets to go inside. There was a very friendly cat at the desk, and liked to be pet, and so I did. We also met some people from Auburn. I was surprised at how similar we were, because they knew John Samms, a friend of ours, they live in Washington, the man’s name was Dave, like mine, and other things like that. We talked with them and walked up the staircase into the castle. I went ahead and down a long, dark, and skinny hallway with little windows for war. We finally reached the end and climbed up a spiral staircase to come out to a tall tower. The view was amazing! It was really high and made it look like you were higher because you were on a huge hill. I could see the Saint Francis Basilica and the hedge that said PAX that I saw yesterday. After we saw enough, we headed up in the main part of the castle, which was neat, too. I walked out of the castle and down back to the town. Then we all headed back to the Hotel Ideale.

We caught Mom and took her with us to get lunch at a deli. I liked the door beads when we walked in. I had a ham and provolone sandwich, with some cheese pringles and a lemon soda to split with everyone. It was nearly two, and it was very tempting to tear open the bag and pig out while we walked home. I sat at a little table on the sidewalk to eat, and enjoyed it. Once everyone ate, we got in the car to drive to Tuscany. It totaled out to be about two hours when we got to the hotel, and Robert was asleep for part of it. I happily hopped out of the car and went to the front desk. The hotel was called the Albergo Latini. There was a nice lady who lived in America for a year who spoke English well at the desk. She showed us our room, a big room with three beds. When we walked back down the stairs to get our luggage, she stopped us and asked us a favor. There was some problem with somebody’s room and she asked if we switched to go to two different rooms. We said yes. Our room had one double bed, a TV, a bathroom, and a nice closet. Our parents room was nicer because it had a balcony and a couch, but we were OK. I dropped my stuff off because we were invited for a drink. I had a Fanta, and my parents had some sort of wacky bitter thing. When we left, the lady gave us a book on Siena for kids, and we thanked her a bunch.

My parents stayed behind and chatted while Robert and I played in our room, until dinner. We ate at the Latini, the restaurant inside the hotel. It didn’t have a menu, just what was cooking. It turned out to have 3 courses for me. First I had a starter, some meats and stuff on a plate. But there were other things to share with the table, including liver and tripe. I just stuck to the little dough balls. Our next course was spaghetti, with a really good gourmet sauce, but with no tomatoes! I was surprised at how tasty it was. We skipped the meat course because we were too full, and I had a chocolate cake with vanilla gelato. The cake was delicious! It was still warm and had lots of fudge. Our parents sent us to our room after that, because it was late, and we went to bed.