Saturday, April 10:  A Busy Day in Florence

Today we got up early to catch our train to Florence. I didn’t have much time to do anything until we went to breakfast. I had the usual, except for custard croissant, which was delicious. Once we all finished, we went out, because we didn’t have time to go upstairs. When we got to the car, we noticed a huge bird dropping on the windshield, and it was very disgusting because it was bright red. I tried not to look out that window until we got to the train station. When Dad parked our car, I noticed a cute dog that looked like a white wolf behind a fence. I stuck my hand out, and it happily licked it. I hadn’t noticed that everyone had already left without me across the street, so I hurried over. We then purchased our tickets and got on the train. I didn’t have long to wait until it started, so I enjoyed the ride. But the schedule was all off and we had to get off at a stop and wait for another train. Our ticket said that we were going direct, but they got it wrong. We waited until the next train came, about 15 minutes later. I got on again and waited until we got to Florence, our last stop. We made reservations to not have to wait in line, and we had to run to make the time slot we reserved. But we did make it, and we skipped all of the extra rooms in the museum, because all we had time to see was the “David”. It was humongous!

I didn’t picture it being so big and real. Only then did I realize that Michaelangelo was portraying the David that killed the giant! I saw the sling and the rock and the furrowed brow, and it looked very cool. On the side there was a 3-D thing where you could look at every angle of David on the computer, which was also neat. Once we saw it all, we went out of the museum and headed to the Duomo. It was a huge building made up of only green white and red colors, and was very detailed and beautiful. Across from it was the Baptistry, a circular shaped building with the same color scheme. We didn’t go inside, but we looked at the wonderful doors of bronze. They were entered into a competition, and they won it. My favorite one was bronze, but was so old it looked like gold! Our next stop was the Giotto’s tower, right next to the Duomo, and was very tall! We got in line to climb up to the top, and it was a long one. My mom was hungry, so she got some pringles, and we got a few. The line finally moved up until we got in, so we bought our tickets and started climbing. It was very cramped in the stairways, but there were three platforms to rest on. Once we finally got to the very top, I looked out. There was a bar around the rim to keep you from falling, but was still cool to look through. My favorite thing to look at was the Duomo Dome, which was very nearby and big. I walked in a circle to get a good view, and then we hiked back down. It was lunchtime, so Dad took us to a sandwich shop. I had a ham and cheese panini, but didn’t like it so much.

Photo 244  The Quiet Town of Assisi
Photo 245  The Duomo of Florence

Afterwards, Dad took us to what was said to be the best giellateria in town. I figured it would be good if it was the best ice cream in the city that is best for ice cream in the country that is best for ice cream! I got a bowl with three flavors. Orange cream, chocolate, and coconut. The orange was the best, but all of the others were delicious. So far this is definitely my favorite. We sat on the curb to eat it, and when we finished we threw away our garbage and Mom took us to the Santa Croce Church. We had to pay if we were tourists, so we bought tickets to go inside. The main part was that there was the tombs of both Michaelangalo and Galileo. Michaelangalo’s had three statues. One was sculpting, one was painting, and one was studying architecture. My brother wanted to look at the St. Francis stuff, so I followed. Once we saw everything, we walked to Michaelangelo’s house. It wasn’t much, but was still kinda neat. Once we saw it, our Mom took us to the Bargello Museum. It was full of sculptures, and was very awesome, but I was very, very, tired. My favorite thing was the “David”, by either Donatello or Verrochio (I don’t remember). It was very cool, but I think he looks kind of girly. I walked out and we got to the train station for the ride home. This time there were no troubles, and it only took 50 minutes! Then we got home and had dinner at the same place. Only this time I had some very delicious ragu with a meat sauce. For dessert, I had that same brownie/cake deal I had on our first night. After I ate, I walked up and fell asleep. Tomorrow’s EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!