Sunday, April 11:  Easter Sunday

Today I slept in because it was Easter, and we weren’t doing much. But eventually I got up, and started my homework. My brother woke up later, and we waited until 8:30 to wake up our parents, because that is what they told us to do. We did, and then we went down to breakfast. I had my usual, but this time ate my vitamins with orange juice. The lady at the desk who we talk to a lot wished us a happy Easter, and then we left. Our dad got us a surprise for Easter, but he made it educational to find it. The first thing we saw when we went to their room was a clue in Italian and a translator book beside it. I got 4 clues and translated them, and it led to the downstairs lobby, where a huge chocolate egg was. I thanked them and my dad many times, and went upstairs to open the yellow tinfoil. My brother got a green one, and we quickly unwrapped our own. Their lay a humongous hollow, chocolate, egg. I cracked it to find a toy alligator that you put together inside, but it was a bit kiddy. The chocolate was the main part though. My brother got a purple address book with smiling kittties on the front, and I don’t know how he feels about it. After we ate some and put it away, our mom said to put on some very nice clothes, because we were going to the Easter Mass.

Once we were ready, we hopped in the car to drive to San Gimignano to go to the Saint Agostino church. Our dad dropped us off at the town gate, and he went to find parking. We hurried to the church, and noticed that they were still doing the other mass, and they weren’t finished. So we sat on the steps and watched an energetic toddler hop around. After a few minutes, the mass let out and we walked inside. It was a very beautiful church, and had many paintings. One was Mary going to heaven. I sat in the pews, until my dad came, because he found a parking spot. Mom had gotten up to look around, and came back to tell us the mass in English was in a little room nearby. So, we walked on over and through a courtyard to find a little room with a few seats and a mini altar. Once the place filled up, the mass started. There was a nice priest who looked Irish, but wasn’t. Before it started, he asked for a volunteer to light the Easter candle, and I raised my hand. He said that he’d tell me when I should come up, so I waited. Then on went the mass. There was a song sheet with two songs, and we sung at the appropriate times. Soon, he beckoned me to light the candle, so I did and sat down. After that, we received Eucharist and the mass ended. My parents chatted with the pastor, and then we scuttled off to lunch. But before that I stopped and made an offering and got an egg in tissue, and was very cool.

Once we arrived at lunch, I opened the door and we got to the table my dad reserved when he was finding parking. It was a neat little restaurant, and the food was good. I had a very meaty lasagna, and for dessert had teramisu. The lasagna was delicious, and the cake had a really good layer of creme. After everyone ate, we took a walk back to the car, and drove home. When we got to the hotel, we found that it was packed with people eating lunch for Easter. Even the outside and lobby was full! The waiters were working very hard. Then we went to our rooms to rest. I didn’t do much of anything, but later watched a cheesy Superman movie dubbed in Italian. But it was soon getting late, and we headed down to dinner.

As usual, we went to the Latini. They unexpectedly brought us some appetizers, lard and liver. I had the lard on toast, and it was actually good! For the main course I was going to have the ragu again, but instead had ravioli with the same sauce. It was very delicious, as everything I have there. For desert I had Limone Gelati, which was very tart. Then Chiara, the worker there we like to talk to, stopped at all of the tables with children at them and gave us some chocolate. We thanked her and then went to bed, where I finished reading the Siena book she loaned us.