Wednesday, April 14:  A Pretty Drive to Lucca

Today I slept in a bit, but got up after a while. I went to my parents room to type up yesterday in my journal, and then started a game of Solitaire. But my parents said that we should go to breakfast, so we did. I had a bit less than usual, because I wasn’t hungry, but was still full all the same. After that we headed upstairs to grab our stuff, and then went into the car. I wore my sandals today, because it was hot and sunny. It wasn’t a long drive again, and was very pretty. Fourty-five minutes later, we walked into Volterrra and looked around. It was quiet, and I liked it. Our first stop was the world’s first arch, built by the Etruscans. When I looked at it, there were huge globs of rock where faces used to be, but wasn’t even a sign of it today. Then we walked to the Etruscan Museum. But on the way we stopped at a pet store, and I looked at the little ferret until it was time to leave. We passed it by accident, but got to look at a carver working with marble in his shop. It looked very hard, and I knew I couldn’t even try. Then we turned around and found the right building, and bought tickets to go in. It had three floors, and most of them were filled with the 600 marble tombs! Also, there was lots of jewelry. On the top floor, we looked at the view from the balcony, and it was very hilly.

Next we left the museum, and went to find lunch. We poked our heads into a little shop, but saw nothing good, so we left to go down the street, to another shop. I got a pizza and split some pringles and a Red Fanta with Robert. The fanta was different, because it was just “red” flavored, and had no idea what was in it. Everything else was good, and we ate it outside at a little park. When we finished, we walked up a hill and to a park, where I walked through it, but was sad that they wouldn’t let you kick a ball. It wasn’t very big, and were soon on the road again. The next stop was the cathedral, but it was closed. Skipping that, we walked across the street to a baptistry with a Saint John the Baptist statue. After that, we had to pay to go to a bathroom nearby, so we did. Our next and final stop was the Amphitheater of the Romans. It was very cool as we looked out on it from above, and was well preserved. Mom, Robert, and I waited when Dad got the car when we had finished, and soon we hopped in the car. It was a very long and scenic drive, totaling about 2 hours. It didn’t feel as long, because of all of the pretty things, including a huge quail! We then reached home. I did my homework and shortly went to dinner. I had spaghetti with tomato sauce and a chocolate cake. It was very good, but I got tired and went up and to bed. We’re going to Florence again tomorrow!