Thursday, April 15:  Back to Florence

Today I was woken up by my dad with a start, and was tired because it was early. He said to get ready quick, so I did, and when I was finished I hurried over to my parent’s room. When they had finished, we walked down to breakfast and ate. We then got up afterwards, and decided to walk to the train station today. It was a nice walk, including a very pretty river by the bridge. My dad bought tickets, and we got on the train just in time. During the ride I did my math, and my dad helped me with some parts. For the second time in Tuscany, we had to stop at Empoli and wait for the next train. It wasn’t late, so we hopped on. A bit later, we reached Florence. This time I didn’t need to powerwalk, so we strolled to the Science Museum and bought some tickets. It was very cool inside, and had three floors. There was mostly old things, like stuff Galileo made. I liked the model that showed that if you rolled a ball down a track, it would hit bells with the same time space between each ring, even though the track was slanted. The person did this by spacing the bells farther away when the ball would go faster. After we saw it all, we walked out of the museum and looked off a wall to see the Ponte Vecchio, which was very pretty on the water, and was neat because it had little buildings being built off of the bridge.

I looked at the people in boats for a bit, and then walked over to a snack bar to get lunch. I got some lasagna, which was very meaty and perfectly cooked. For a drink, I had water. Afterwards, it was time to go to the Uffizi Gallery, and luckily, we had reservations. Our dad led us past the people dressed up to look like statues, and we went into a little room to pick up our tickets. We then crossed the street and got in the reserved line. Our reservation was for 12:00, but we got there at a half an hour later! I had to drop my bag through a sensor to get in, so I did, and wasn’t detected. I grabbed my pack, and went up the stairs to the main rooms. It started out with the earliest art, and finished with the oldest. I don’t know which painting or sculpture was my favorite, because they were all so neat! Halfway through, I looked out for a good look at the bridge, and then went on. Our dad said my Mom and him should have a cappuccino, so they did, while we watched the pigeons eat crumbs. They soon finished, but everyone didn’t want to see the last 1/4 of the museum, so we skipped it. Our next stop was to get gelato, but Robert and Mom didn’t get enough to eat at lunch, so they quickly ate a sandwich at the place we had lunch at. I looked at a huge fake version of the David in the plaza where they ate, and then eagerly we walked to the gelato shop. It was the same place we went to on Saturday, and was just as good as then. I had lemon, orange cream, and normal cream. My favorite was the lemon, because it was very tart, too. Next, my dad stopped in a leather shop to get a little wallet to replace the plastic one that he got in Rome (Roma!). He chose a black one, and soon we were back on track.

My mom took us to a 3rd museum, the Duomo Museum. It had a bunch of stuff from the Duomo, including the Pieta, by Michaelangelo. It was his last work, because he was 80 at the time. It was going to be in his tomb, but it strangely isn’t. He carved his face into the body of Nicodemus, who was holding Jesus. That was the main attraction, and we kinda hurried through the rest of the museum. But once we got back to the street, my mom wanted to buy gold here, because she hasn’t gotten a birthday gift here from Dad. We stopped in a little shop that Mr. Latini (Giovanni) recommended. We talked to the lady at the desk for a gold chain, and she showed my mom a bunch of kinds. She tried a few, but her favorite was a yellow chain with a bunch of little plates on it. I think it was nice, long but thin. My dad was happy because all he had to do was fill out a few forms to get a huge refund, including no tax. Satisfied, we walked back to the train station to catch a ride home. This time we nearly missed it again, but got on. My dad and I got on some seats in front of a man and lady who were a bit rude, by not letting my dad sit in a seat because the man wanted to put his “documents” there. The lady was wearing all black and a lot of makeup, and was kinda scary. But I passed the time by reading my book. It was a direct train, so we got home shortly. Then we walked home. After that played, and eventually walked down to dinner. I had the ragu for a third time, and the orange cake for desert. I didn’t really like the cake that much, so my dad ate the rest. Then I hopped upstairs and went to bed.

Photo 248  The Leaning Tower of Pisa
Photo 249  A Tower in Siena

Photo 250  The Park on Top of the Wall in Lucca