Friday, April 16:  Leonardo in san Gimignano

Today my mom woke me up, and quickly urged me to hurry up and get down to breakfast. I got dressed, and then walked down with my mom and Robert. My dad slept in, so we went without him. I had my usual, then went back upstairs. For a while I played more solitaire, and then my dad got up and ate. Shortly, we got in the car to drive to San Gimignano for the last time. In the car I read my book, and almost finished it. We arrived at the town, and my dad scrambled for parking. Eventually, he payed to go into a lot and turned off the engine. I got out with my stuff, and we walked in through the big doors. I walked down the main drag and soon came to the Leonardo da Vinci museum.

It was very small and kinda hidden, so we came through the small door and bought tickets. I looked through the doors to see it was very small, only one room, but jampacked with stuff. I was surprised when I walked by a suit of armor that started moving to greet me. Next I started the museum. The point here was that people made the things that Leonardo made in blueprints, but never constructed. All in all, there was 40 inventions! My favorite was the shoes to make people walk on water, but others were a mini crane, a printing machine, a wood cutter, and a flying device. When we all finished, my Mom sent Robert outside to buy him a present for his birthday (June 6). It was about lunch time, so we found a little shop where I had more pizza and water. It was very good, and they put oil on it, which was even better. After everyone finished, I climbed on the wall outside to wait for my dad to pay. Then we walked back to the car and drove home, while we lounged around for a long time. For most of the time I played with the lego that my Uncle Steve gave me for my birthday in Chicago, and built it. It was a Star Wars one, and was very cool. Right after I finished, my dad said that we should go to the pool in Certaldo. I grabbed my stuff, and we hopped in the car.

It was a short drive, and passed a funny little bridge on the way there. We went to the front desk and asked of we could swim, but she said it was closed. She offered that we could swim in a lane for 20 minutes until the swim team came in, so we did. I put on my suit, and walked to the pool. The water was a bit chilly, but hopped in anyway. The lady made us wear swim caps, so I had a peach one, and my brother had a pink and purple striped one. We got ten minutes to play all in all, and then the lifeguard kicked us out. I got dressed, and then we drove home. When the drive was over, my dad told me to come with him on errands. I reluctantly came. Our first stop was COOP, a supermarket. I noticed that the people who were members used little scanners to get the barcodes of what they bought, and then grabbed it. At the counter, the clerks would stick the thing into the computer, and tell them the price. It was supposed to be so that they didn’t have to read each item at checkout. But we weren’t members, so we just grabbed our stuff. I got more Nutella! It was raining now, so we hurried to the car. Next, we drove more into the center of town, so we parked and payed, and then walked to a eye place. My dad needed saline solution, and surprisingly, he found it. After that, we walked through the wetness to the laundromat, where we picked up the fixed pants. Robert’s needed a button, and dad’s needed a pocket zipper. They were as good as new, so we got in the car and drove home.

We lounged around a bit longer, and then went to dinner. It was our last night at the Latini, so we all ordered the special, lasagna by Chiara, the nice lady who we had a lot of fun with. She was in the kitchen, so we didn’t have a chance to compliment her on it, but it was very delicious. It was a meat sauce, and very mushy. For desert, I had my favorite, the chocolate brownie. My dad took some pictures of the staff and thanked them and said goodbye to the ones we knew best. Some were Thomas, a bald guy with big eyebrows, a tall man with a good sense of humor who was our waiter 4 times, and Giovanni, or Mr. Latini. He was very short and lots of fun to talk to. He was always laughing, and is Chiara’s dad. Then I walked upstairs and went to bed to sleep. We’re going to Venice tomorrow, and I’m very excited!