Saturday, April 17:  Hi Ho, Hi Ho, to Venice we go

Today I was woken up to find it was raining again, but I was still eager to go. I packed my bags for a while and threw away old stuff. My brother took longer, so we had to interrupt him to go down to breakfast. I had nothing different, except some weird cracker that tasted like caramel and a pastry. We said goodbye to the lady who was the wife of Chiara’s cousin who will take over the restaurant. The Latinis and making a new restaurant in Florence, and left the restaurant (not the hotel) to him. We won’t be here to see the new place, but my dad will try to tell Rick Steves about it. As a parting gift, Giovanni gave us some old pecorino cheese, which I really like. We thanked him, and then walked upstairs to finish packing. I was all done, but my parents weren’t, so I waited in their room and watched stupid shows in Italian, including a Bear in the Big Blue House with an extremely high-pitched voice, which scared me a bit. My dad was waiting for Chiara to come to say goodbye, but it was getting late, so we skipped it and went to the car. Said goodbye to Giovanni, and drove off. It was a long drive, about 3 hours so I read some of Robert’s books. I read all of “Poppy”, and half of “Poppy and Rye”. For lunch we stopped at an Auto Grill, a chain restaurant with sandwiches. It was a big walkway over the autostrada (freeway). I walked in and looked at the food. I ended up ordering an Apollo, or chicken sandwich, with a Fanta and a muffin. It was all very good, while we ate it standing at a table. Afterwards, I got back in the car for the rest of the drive, about 20 minutes.

At last we came to Venice, but still on land. I was very confused as we payed and drove to the top of the parking garage. At the top, my parents said we needed to take a boat to the heart of the city, so that was cleared up. At the top of the building there was a great view, and looked at it while I grabbed my bags. Next, we went into a crammed elevator and were lowered to the bottom floor. We crossed the street and payed to get on a boat. Stupidly, we thought the little building we were in was the boat, but was only the dock! Boarding on the real boat, I watched the pretty buildings on the water as the boat moved to our stop, the Rialto. The huge bridge was amazing, and was glad to hear that we might cross it every day. I walked across the bridge and refused all of the people on the street begging me to buy a purse for the “best” prices anywhere. But soon got to the little alley with a sign that said Guerrato Albergo. We walked in, and got our keys for room 11. The keys had huge big poofballs of string on them, and were very cool. After a flight of stairs and some very pretty lamps, we came to our room. My dad unlocked it, and we looked in. It had a big room with a bathroom, and 3 beds. I got the shorter one near the door, and my brother got the higher one near the window. The floor was slanted, so that was weird. I settled in, and quickly our mom urged us to take a walk, so we did. But then I noticed that the egg I got on Easter had cracked, so I threw it away. My dad stayed behind, so we went on. 

I noticed all of the overpriced gondalas in the water nearby, and they were very cool. Our walk started out through the main shopping area, and then led to the Saint Mark’s square. It was, of course, square, with no shortage of pigeons. But we hurried in to the church, to find that it was closed, but still looked at all of the gold mosaics on the facade. Next we hurried to the waterfront, where we could see lots of bridges and boats, and it was just as amazing as the square! Next, we went to the tourist office to grab a map, and then kept going. We were walking for a bit looking at everything, when we were told by our guidebooks to go through these alleys to a tower in a courtyard. It looked to me like the Leaning Tower, only smaller and not leaning. I noticed a little cat poking his head through a window and meowing at me, and he was very cute. Next we headed home to lay around until dinner at 7:30. My parents took us to a place with only foods like sea bass eggs on toast. They knew there was nothing there for us, so we hurried to a little place that had pizza. It looked like a McDonalds, only with better food. I had a margherita, and later some chicken. For a drink I had more Fantas. Nothing hapenned here, so we took dad on a faster version of the walk we did without him, and it was very pretty at night. At the end we came home and fell asleep. I wonder what we’ll do tomorrow?