Sunday, April 18:  Touring the Sights of Venice

Today I was woken by somebody rudely turning the big light on while I was asleep, so was a little grumpy while I got dressed. My mom and brother were all ready to go to breakfast, and went without me. Later, I joined them. Our tables in the breakfast room with many mirrors were set with food on them, and it wasn’t a buffet. On the table, I grabbed some chocolate cookies and a biscuit. I got up to get orange juice (Robert and Mom accidentally got grapefruit juice), and then sat down to find my brother had beaten me to the individual sized Nutella packet. NO!!!!!! I searched at every table and snagged one at a table near the juices, and then ate it. Once everyone finished, my dad came down, so I waited until he was done, and then went back to our room. Everybody grabbed their backpacks, and then we left in the direction of St. Mark’s square. After that we came to the docks, and we payed to get a roundtrip ticket to the Isola di Saint Giorgio Maggiore, a dinky island nearby. It was a pretty ride, but short. Soon we got off and looked at Saint Giorgio’s church. The facade was meant to look Roman, and did! I walked inside, and looked around. It wasn’t decorated extravagantly, but had two very famous paintings on the altar. We only looked quick, and hurried to the elevator that would take us to the tower on top. We payed to a priest who controlled the elevator for the lift, and soon we were up top.

It was an amazing view, and you could see from every angle. I peered down and saw a man on the field with a hyper little dog with a tennis ball. I watched them for a bit, and then looked at a sign. It said every day at 12:00 noon, the bells rang very, Very, VERY loudly. It was much too early today, though. Then I read another sign. It said that it also rang at 11:45 on Sundays. It was Sunday, and 11:44 am. Soon the huge bells started clanging, and I held my ears to keep them from exploding! It lasted for about three minutes, and if you yelled as loud as you could, nobody would hear you. My brother and I tried to talk to each other with no success. When it ended, we hopped back in the elevator and went downstairs to go to Mass. We found seats, but a priest told everybody sitting down near us the mass was going to be in a little chapel nearby. So we followed the flow and quickly found seats on the wall. Shortly after, the mass started with some A Cappella chanting by some monks. Then their were readings in Italian, but then we were surprised to hear the Gospel in English too. At Eucharist, they dipped the host in wine and then gave it to you. I usually don’t get the wine, so this was different. Later, the mass ended, and we all left the church and got on the ferry. The wrong ferry.

It took us to another island, so from there we went back to the church and then on the right ferry to the plaza. It was lunchtime, so we walked along the water and then into the city until we stopped at a pizzeria where my parents bought slices for themselves. We then continued on to a Spizzico (kinda like a pizza McDonalds) and I got a slice of cheese pizza with tiramisu and a Fanta. I was very full afterwards as we walked back to our room to retrieve my mom’s money belt she left there. While we waited for her in the room, we decided to go to the plaza to feed pigeons, and then to go to Saint Mark’s Cathedral. So once again, we departed and got to the square. My mom waited in line while we fed the pigeons. I got a sack of corn kernels that I fed to the hundreds (really!) of pigeons overpopulating the area, and when I held a handful up high, the birds would hop on my finger! It was very cool, and I liked how it felt when they pecked at the kernels in my hand. My dad found us and took us to the back of the line, because we couldn’t get to Mom, who was at the front of the line. It wasn’t long until we caught up with her and went inside. But my dad was taken away because he had a backpack, so we waited until he came back.

When he did, we noticed we couldn’t go to the inside of the main church, because some service was going on. Dissapointed, we walked up some stairs to go to the museum for the cathedral, and payed for some tickets. Up top we could see the mosaics covering the ceiling up close, and they were completely covered with gold! It was lit up because it was Sunday, which made it even prettier. Then we walked out to a big balcony overlooking the square below. The sun was out, and it was very warm, and I had fun looking at all of the pigeons. My mom was getting hot, so we went back inside and entered the museum. The first stop inside were the bronze horses, which used to be on the facade, but were preserved in here. They were very big and magnificent, and I liked them a lot. After that we toured the rest of the museum, but nothing will interest you. After that we left the church and walked back home. But we stopped for Gelato, and I had my second favorite coconut ice cream (when I tasted dad’s in Rome was first best) and some very cocoaey chocolate. We ate it on the Rialto bridge, while I looked at the water. Then we went to the room. But, my dad and mom had to go to an internet cafe to do their E-Mail, so we walked to the place and they sat down.

Robert and I played football (soccer) until I could use the computer for the internet. I had fun looking at pictures of some fat and puffy Chinese chow-chow dogs, until my dad finished. We payed and went outside, when my mom and brother said that they would go on a walk, so we just went home. I worked some, and then they came back, saying they went to a church of Ferraris (believe me, I’m as confused as you). So then we decided to go to dinner. My parents took us to the Vino Vino ristorante and wine bar, and we walked in. This was different, because you picked what you wanted from a little case and sat down while they cooked it for you. I got some noodles with mushrooms, and then got a table. It wasn’t a long wait, and then I realized we all ordered the same thing. For the wait my mom became a breadstickaholic from the food in the basket. I enjoyed my food, but soon we left. It was night again, and very pretty, and the Rialto was lit up. When I got home I did more work and went to bed. Tomorrow we’ll see more Venice.