Tuesday, April 6:  Sorrento

What does the postman do on his day off? Take a walk, of course. What did we do on a rest day? Take in a few minor sights, of course. Robert and I walked to the stadium in hopes of finding some grass to kick around his ball some, but instead watched the junior teams practice on the artificial turf. Around the corner we found a park full of playground equipment for young children, so we kicked the ball around some off to the side. After about 5 minutes we were yelled at and finger-wagged, “No balloono!” Pat and Robert took in a tour of a lemon grove while Robert and I were away.

We did some errands -- bought a plastic box for the trunk of the car at the RiteAid-equivalent, a phone card, some toiletries at the supermarket, a hunk of parmesan from the deli. The boys bought their mother some lemon chocolates as an early birthday present and Robert bought the “Beckham” football jersey he’s been coveting. I finally uploaded my web pages at the BluBlu internet cafe and took care of some other business via email with my Mac connected to their network, while Pat did the same. I got my laundry done, along with a few stray pieces of Pat’s. At the post office I got postcard stamps and mailed home a backup CD. There was a long line (after passing through the bandito-deterring airlock) for several stations marked with the euro symbol and no line at the one station marked with an envelope. So I got in the long line. After a couple of minutes, a taller gentleman in the middle of the line looked at me and helpfully said “stamps,” motioning to the empty line. Everyone must buy their stamps at the tabacchi shop and pay their bills at the post office.

We all got caught up on journals, photo organizing, etc. For lunch we returned to the second gelateria, where they cater to Brits. Pat had an omelet, I had a full English breakfast (and a beer) and the boys had sausage and chips. The boys did homework, and watched ET on the laptop (yes, we packed along six DVD’s with us) while I slept off the noontime beer. Dinner was back at Aurora Pizzeria, so Pat could try Aurora #3 (smoked cheese, smoked ham, tomato and gorgonzola cheese). Afterward we took Rick up on his final suggestion, Davide Gelato, which had an outstanding selection. (Photo 12)

It was a good day to recharge, mentally, physically and gastronomically, and we should be all set for the one-night blitz in Assisi and the drive northward to Tuscany.