Saturday, April 24:  Welcome to Provence

Today I woke up early, and got dressed. My parents were ready, but my brother was still in bed. We dragged him out and he eventually got ready. Before we packed and loaded, we had to go to breakfast. Breakfast was not included with the hotel, so we headed to a pasticceria, a place to buy pastries. I got a chocolate croissant, which I have been liking lately, and my brother got a huge ball of chocolate. My parents needed their coffee, so we walked to a little bar. While I waited I watched a guy play pinball, and he was very good. But he decided to leave before his game finished, so he let us play. My brother played a turn, and lost kinda quickly. Then I played, and didn’t do much better. Our score was 1.000.000 (for European numbers they replace dots with commas and commas with dots), and the other guy got 24.000.000! My parents were ready to go, so we finished and walked down to the beach where we swam yesterday. We found a flat spot on the rock, and I sat down. I enjoyed my food, especially with the very delicious chocolate, which was very cocoaey and good. My brother’s turned out to have meringue in it, so my mom freaked out and had to have a bite. After we ate, my mom wanted to walk around the castle nearby, so we did. It was very huge, so we got a great view of the water from all angles. After the walk we came to a big hill, so we took the right road around and to the hotel.

I then packed my bags and went downstairs with everyone, and all it took was a quick look at the map to get on the road. This time we didn’t stop anywhere, except for when we came to a cafe off the highway to get lunch. I got a hot dog without a bun (different), and some fries and water. It was all very good, and got a lot of fries. After that we got back in the car. I read “Ereth’s Birthday”, one of my brother’s books, because I finished the “Lord of the Rings” in Tuscany. Soon we were driving into our town in Provence, Vaison la Romaine. It looked very empty, but obviously a big city. It was 2 hours before when we were supposed to meet the lady who was renting us an apartment, so our dad took us to the main square to look around. There wasn’t much to see, and they allowed cars to park everywhere. So, my mom went into a pay phone to call the lady and to ask if we could come early. She said yes, so we walked down the street. My dad stopped at a big house with a nice upstairs with tons of blooming wisteria. Soon the lady came out and showed us where we were going to be.

She said that we are going to get the whole bottom floor instead of the upstairs, because somebody’s house burned down and had to stay there. I was glad, because we got two choose two bedrooms out of four! But first she walked around, showing us how the heater worked, the bathrooms, the garage, the main room, the kitchen, and the garden. When we came to the garden, I was amazed! It had all kinds of plants and chairs, and Robert could play soccer. Then she left, and let us unpack. First I thoroughly examined the house. The entrance room leads into the hallway with the bathrooms and kitchen and living room branching off. 3 bedrooms were in a mini hallway, and one was off the main hallway. The kitchen was very big, with lots of silverware and dishes, including a washer, microwave, stove, dishwasher, and a toaster. The main room had a TV and a big table in the corner for eating. There were two small toilet rooms, and two bigger rooms with showers and sinks. There were 4 rooms, one was small but with a TV and had lots of angels, one was Chinese themed with a bathroom, one was very tacky and ugly, and don’t want to describe it, and one was full of cat paintings. This may sound confusing, but you won’t care about this anyway. Everyone was happy that we got so much space when we were paying a price for an apartment.

After that Robert and I claimed the Chinese room with a shower room and access to the garden. My parents chose the angel room with a TV. I settled in, and then went outside and then back in. My mom and dad noticed that since we had a kitchen we should buy some food at the grocery store. I hopped in the car and we drove off. At the supermarket, our dad let us go look for snacks, so I decided to go tearing around in a kiddy-cart grabbing sugary foods. When we showed mom and dad, they only let us keep a few. Fanta, brownies, bugles, Nutella, and yogurt. After that I put the cart back and my dad bought the food. Then we drove back home and got ready for dinner. Tonight we went to the main plaza to a bar/restaurant and sat down outside, but under a cover. I got spaghetti with a meat sauce and coconut and chocolate ice cream for desert. My spaghetti was great, and both of the ice cream flavors were too. The chocolate was very full of unsugared cocoa again, and realized the French must like it this way. After everyone finished, we walked home and went to bed. I wonder what we’ll do tomorrow?