Sunday, April 25:  Exploring the Old Town

Today I got up in the neat room, and made my bed, got dressed, and brushed my teeth. Soon everyone else was up, and my mom started to make breakfast. I ate some yogurt and drank orange juice, and then my mom made eggs with the old pecorino cheese Giovanni gave us at the Latini, but only used a sliver of the huge chunk. The eggs were delicious! It was very unique, because the cheese tastes like parmesan, and was very flavorful. After that we got ready to go out, so I grabbed my back pack and threw on my sandals. Our first stop was to check if the pool was open, so we walked to the center of town. I realized that it wasn’t even filled with water, so we dumped that idea. Next we tried to find the internet cafe, but couldn’t. Coming out of the alley we were in, there was the big river! It was kinda empty this time of year, but we slid down the railing to the lookout anyway. From there we could see a big arch, so we walked up the stairs and on the road headed to it. There we crossed and looked out to the water again, and then walked on. Now we were in the old part of town, so we looked around. My brother saw some signs to a golf area, but came to a very, very, miniature, Miniature Golf Course. We dumped the idea and moved on.

Next we came to the top of a cliff with a huge castle. Their was a lot of flat rocks around, and I had fun exploring. Then we looked off the cliff and saw our house! We could tell because of all of the purple Wisteria hanging around. Since we had a lot of time here, and didn’t have very much to do, we headed home. But, everyone was hungry, so we stopped at a sandwich shop and grabbed ham and cheese sandwiches to go. Then we got home to eat them. I grabbed the green Fanta and the cheese bugles and sat outside with everyone. The sandwich was very unique, creamy, and delicious! The bugles were great too, and the Fanta tasted like sour apple (yum). After I ate, my dad was going to try and find the internet cafe again, and I wanted to come. This time we went the other direction from the house, to where we entered the town. We followed the signs and eventually found it, but it was closed because it was Sunday. Oh well. Then we walked back home and I did a bunch of homework. Soon everyone was hungry again, so we walked back up to the plaza-of-many-parking-spaces, and chose a restaurant near the one we ate last night. A nice lady was our waitress, and I ordered some spaghetti with meat sauce and chocolate coconut ice cream. I liked these noodles better, because it had more sauce, and the chocolate was it’s cocoaey best. Afterwards, we walked back home and went to bed. Tomorrow we’re going to see more sights and tackle the internet cafe (I hope).