Monday, April 26:  Touring the Other Regions of Provence

Today I got up and got ready. My parents were right ahead of me, and I soon was done. My brother was slow at getting up, so breakfast was a bit delayed. My dad found a pasticeria in town that we could get a good breakfast, so we headed there. But on the way my mom spotted a camera shop, so she wanted to develop some of her film. Soon she had ordered them, and agreed to pick them up tomorrow. Next, we found the breakfast spot. It was on the corner of the street, and I saw lots of things that looked good. My mom really wanted to get an egg pastry, so we went to a place nearby and got her one. My dad ended up getting something there too, a roll. Then we went back to the other place, and I grabbed something. My brother and dad went home, but mom and I stopped at a bookstore to find something for me to read, because I’ve read and reread all of my books. Finding nothing good in English, we went home. I sat outside and ate my shortbread sandwich cookie with chocolate and jam inside, with frosting on top. I was a bit overwhelmed with all of the flavors, but it was still very delicious. Afterwards, we got in the car to get ready for our drive. We were going to Orange!

It wasn’t a long drive, about 20 minutes, and soon we were parked in a little square next to a bicycle club rest stop. The reason we came here was to see the Roman Theatre. Rick Steves knew a way to see the whole thing without having to pay admission, so we read what he had to say. We had to climb steep stairs up to the top of the theatre, so we did. When we emerged, we could see that we were behind a fence facing how you would sit in the crowd, with the big wall in front. The wall was famous because it is the best preserved back wall of a theatre in all of Europe! After we had seen enough, we hiked back down to the plaza. It was now lunchtime again, so we stopped an American bar to get lunch. I ordered a ham and cheese crepe and some orange soda. The crepe was very delicious, and I enjoyed drinking orange colored orange juice in the town of Orange while wearing an orange sweater. After that, we got back in the car and started driving again to the Pont du Gard city. This drive wasn’t as scenic, because we were on the highway the entire time, but soon got to the town. The reason we were stopping here was that there was a big Roman sight called the Aquaduct. We had to pay for parking near the area, but seeing the actual thing was free. So I walked down the path until we came to a good viewing point of it.

WOW! It was so amazing! It was like a big chunk of the wall was taken out of the Colosseum and was placed here, only this one had bigger arches with stones sticking out to support ancient scaffolding. This structure was used to carry water from one side of the river to the other over the top of the bridge to the villagers. What I liked about it was how big it was, only two yards shorter than the Colosseum! In the river that it crossed, the Ponte de Gard, I could see very big fish slowly swimming around like nothing was happening, and I think so because fishing was probably prohibited. After that we went up a little trail to the top of the hill to get a better look. Halfway up, we were at the same height as the top of the Aquaduct, so we could see where the water would run. It was very neat, and I liked it. A bit farther up the trail was a stop to look out, and it was amazing! You could see the Aquaduct very clearly, but I liked the view down the river, which was very scenic. I took a few pictures, and then went back down to the spot. After that we crossed the bridge again and headed back to the parking lot. Next, we drove back home. My parents got a little lost, so it took a bit longer to get back.

But, we eventually did, and I then grabbed a snack of soda and a brownie and ate it outside in the garden. But the, my dad wanted to go to the internet cafe, so I decided to come with him. He took take the car, so we didn’t have to walk. Once we reached the building, I hopped out of the car and walked inside. A lady took our names and sent us to our computers. My dad used his laptop, and I used a big Macintosh. I browsed the internet, looking at more chow-chows and stuff. When we were finished, my dad went back to the desk, and the lady said that we both had 19 more minutes on both machines, and we could come back to use them. We told her we would, and then went back home. But, a car was parked in our drive way! My dad didn’t worry and parked the car right behind it and went inside. Then he figured it might be owned by the people upstairs, so he honked a few times and a man came down and pulled out. My dad thanked him and then went back inside. For a bit I did my homework, until everyone was starting to get hungry.....

At the Eurl le Tournesol restaurant, I split a fancy but daring meal with Robert. A nice waiter brought us our first course, the vegetable pate, which looked like a soggy bread dyed to look like the Italian flag, but turned out to be a mixture of vegetables (weird). It was OK, but not that great. Next came the steak. It was very chewy, but actually very good. Next came the last and best course, DESSERT! I had a lemon tart, and it was delicious. It was like a huge slice of pie with lemon custard on tart, but much more sour. After that we walked back home and I typed in my journal, and then went to bed.