Tuesday, April 27:  Market Day and a Drive

Photo 255  A Beach on the French Rivierra
Photo 256  The Huge Aquaduct
Today I was kinda slow at getting up, and when I finally did, everybody was all ready to eat breakfast. Still half-asleep, I ate my eggs with pleasure. After that I drank some apple juice, and by then was woken up completely. Next, I grabbed my pack and started to get ready to go to market. It was right out our door, so we didn’t have to really walk anywhere. I could see all kinds of streets packed with merchants and people just looking around. The locals use this day as their grocery store day! We seemed to have wandered into the food street, because all I saw was bread, chicken, wine, and lavender honey. My parents walked along, looking and sampling some, but they weren’t going to buy yet. Eventually, at the end of the street, was the bike shop, and it was open. We all walked inside, and a man helped us out. He said that he could easily rent us bikes and helmets, but my dad was interested in the water bottles and jerseys that said Mt. Ventou on them (Mt. Ventou is a big stage in the Tour de France bike race). My dad ended up getting 3 water bottles and a jersey. We told the man that we weren’t renting today, maybe tomorrow. Then we plunged back into the crowded streets, and we found ourselves in the goods street. There was lots of odd things, including a man who was only sold springy shoelaces, someone with ornamental rugs, and some people with tie-dye. My parents sent us off to go somewhere else, because our birthdays were coming up. Then they came back to the food area to purchase some things.

But before they started, we stopped in the tourist information booth to find some good bike routes and to check if a pool was open. She said no, but also gave us a pamphlet of routes. After that we left and went back to the food. In the end they ended up buying a bottle of wine, pesto, bread, cheese, rotisserie chicken, strawberries, apricot juice, and cookies. They said that this was going to be for lunch, but it sounded more like a feast to me! Then we went home and started making lunch. When it was ready, I dished myself some chicken and bread, and poured out some Fanta. On the side there was some very ripe strawberries, and I enjoyed the lemon cookies for desert. All of the chicken was gone, but of course we had some leftovers. I packed up my place, and then went out into the garden. My brother showed me how to get up to the back wall, so I went behind the hedges, up the tree, on the wall, up the slant of the wall, and then to my destination. We were right behind some of the Roman Ruins, so we didn’t need a ticket to see it! It was very neat, but then I jumped back down and went inside. My dad wanted to go back to the internet place real quick, so I came with him. We drove there, and we used the 19 minutes we had left on the same computers. I used some of the time looking for more cafes in the next places we were going to, but had no luck. By then my dad was done, and we both had 7 minutes left. We drove home, and then decided what we should do this afternoon. My dad said that we should drive along the bike route and see if it was suitable. The drive was very pretty, and after 45 minutes we were back in our town. My dad decided that the roads were too risky, so we couldn’t do it (DARN!). But then we had time to drive up to Mt. Ventoux.

This drive was very hilly, but different. My dad said that special plants live on Mt. Ventou. When we reached as far as we could go with a car, we got out at some sort of lodge. I noticed that we were on a big flat hill, with a ski lift! Later I read that this is a place to ski in the winter. My brother and dad wanted to go hike up to the top, but I stayed behind to keep my mom company. First we went inside the lodge to enjoy a crepe. It was very good with chocolate ice cream, but then when we cut it, all the chocolate squirted out, making a huge mess on the plate. When we finished it, we both agreed that there was way too much chocolate on this thing. After that we payed and went out to the car. For a really long time, we had nothing to do but sit. Finally, they came back after two hours of being bored sick. My mom urged them to hurriedly get in the car so we could get moving. In the car my brother showed me a rock he found, which was jam packed with real crystals! For this drive, we took the scenic route, making a few stops in towns. It was very amazing, and when we got back home I was kinda sad it was over. We needed to go back to the store again, very quickly, to refuel. We grabbed a shopping cart and some food, and then got back in the car and went home. At home we found that the wind had blew down all of our clothes hanging out to dry! My dad hurried to pick them up, and then we all put away the groceries. It was 8:00, about dinner time, so we went out to the square. Today we went to a place called International Bar, which had lots of good food. I got some ham and fries with lemonade and coconut ice cream. It was all very good, and I liked the ice cream the best. When I looked around here, I saw lots of strange people, like somebody (I don’t know if it was a boy or a girl) with 13 piercings. Then we walked back home and went to bed. We still haven’t decided what we’re going to do tomorrow.