Wednesday, April 28:  A Swim in the River

Photo 257  Market Day in Provence
Photo 258  The Garden in our Backyard
Today I roused myself up and got dressed. My mom was the only one awake, so I typed on the computer until everyone else was up, except for Robert. I was hungry, so I made a breakfast of some-sort-of-white-glop-with-chocolate-mistaken-for-yogurt, a brownie, some orange juice, and a slice of cheese. I enjoyed it in the main room, while I did my math. It was getting late, so my dad had to wake Robert up at 10:00, while everybody else was awake at 8:30. He then made his own breakfast, I finished my work, and soon everybody was getting ready to go get coffee. We stopped at the place we always do, called the Sporting Bar. My parents had their coffee, while we pet the dog that hung around there. He had a collar, but was black and white and didn’t have the best teeth in the world. Then our parents asked if we would like to try the water with syrup in it, and we said yes. There were many flavors, and I chose the most basic, lemon, to be safe. I was surprised at how good it was, and I drank it happily. Then we all left and walked around.

First, we were going to be on the lookout for some postcards, and we found a nice rack near the tourist information booth. I could get 6 for 2 euro, which meant that I could send 5 to my friends, and one to my class. I ended up choosing one with lavender, one with sunflowers, one with cats, one with a few sheep, one with more sheep, and one with A LOT OF SHEEP! We payed and then went out. Second, we were going to try and see the Roman Amphitheater without paying. It was in the ruins, so we walked around near the back side and looked through the fence to see it. The back wall wasn’t standing, but the steps were very well preserved, which was really cool. Third, my mom wanted to go back to the bookstore, so we went with her. Robert was looking at a book of Beckham, while I just browsed. In the end she bought nothing. Then we walked back home.

For lunch my dad made stuff from the leftovers, which was very good. I liked the old pecorino cheese the best. After that I sat down on the couch in the main room and read magazines. After a half hour, my dad was going to the internet cafe, so Robert went with him this time. I just stayed home with Mom, and when they came back, my dad had an idea to swim in the river nearby. We agreed, and grabbed our bathing suits. It wasn’t a long walk, and soon we were at the bank. It had a kinda fast current, and a little island in the middle separated the sides. I waded out to the island and played around. There wasn’t much to do but swim around, so I did that. I was starting to get cold, so I got out and sat down. My brother followed, and started to make a little pool near the beach. I helped with the wall, and he made it deeper. Then we noticed that the kids fishing over on one side of the river had left, so we went over there, where it was calmer and deeper. There were very big fish there, which I thought was very neat. My brother tried to catch one, but was too afraid to go to the deep part.

After that we climbed out to the road and walked home. It was almost time for dinner once we unloaded, so we got dressed and started walking. Today we were going to try to avoid eating on the plaza, so we wound through every street I’ve been on and checked many places out. My parents weren’t satisfied, and we kept on walking and ended up in the plaza finding a place we liked. (sigh), oh well. We were at where we ate the first night, some cybercafe. We recognized the waiter as the same one on Saturday, and he noticed us. I ordered the hamburger steak with fries and orange juice, and didn’t have to wait long for it to come. Everything was very delicious, and I got coconut ice cream for desert. Satisfied, we went home and left dad to pay the bill. I then went straight to bed, because I was very tired. Well, tomorrow’s another day!