Friday, April 30:  .....Finally Going Somewhere

Today I woke up and found that it was raining again, but only lightly. I trudged down to the main room and started typing, and then brushed my teeth. Soon everybody was up and rearing to go, so I grabbed my rain coat and umbrella and walked outside. We were going to get coffee again, so we knew exactly where to go. Inside, my parents got the usual, while I got water with tropical syrup, and my brother got lemon. Mine was very delicious, but the dog wasn’t there. We then thanked the man and went back in the rain. This time we weren’t going to eat a late lunch, so we went to a pastry shop to get a meal. I got a napoleon, which was very hard to eat, yet very delicious. Everyone ended up liking their sugary breakfast, and Robert got a lemon tart. After that we thanked the woman and went back outside and headed for home. There, my dad had to go back to the internet place again, and he wanted me to come so I could keep him company. I came but didn’t do much, just walked there, waited, and walked home. After that we decided to actually do something, and we ended up planning a day trip to Avignon. We all piled in the car and drove off. It was a very pretty drive, but soon we were in a parking garage in the city.

We left the building, to find ourselves in a big square. The big square had a big church with a tower with a golden Mary statue on top, which I really liked. There was music playing, and lots of dogs. We didn’t stay long, because the rain kept on starting and stopping randomly. We followed a little sidestreet passed chirping plastic cicadas until we came out to the river. There was a bridge with a few arcs in it, but it didn’t cross the entire length, it just stopped. It was this way because it used to be much longer, and the river was wider, but a flood knocked most of it down, and the river size decreased. The bridge’s name is the Pont Avignon, and is very famous because it is in a nursery rhyme. My dad went inside an office to get a map, and then we left back up the street. Now we were going to do a walk that Rick Steves planned, so we started out. The first stop it listed was a small church, which had very pretty chestnut doors, including a panel that shows the Annunciation. After that, we walked for a little bit until we came to a nice looking restaurant with good prices. We sat down inside a long room, and our waitress took our orders. I got a croque Monsuier, or a ham and cheese sandwich, with ice cream for desert. When it came, I tasted the sandwich to find that it was very good! The cheese was melted on top of the bread, which I liked. Then the ice cream came, like a drumstick in a wrapper, only it didn’t say drumstick on it. It was, as all ice cream is, delicious. Then we thanked the lady and walked out.

Then we walked out and followed the route until we came to a synagogue, which was neat too. Then we kept walking through alleys that were painted all yellow, which was weird, and then too a long road next to a canal. My dad said this road was famous for tie-dye, but I didn’t see any. Then we went a little farther and then went into a little church. It was very plain, until we came to the main part. There was a huge picture of the Dove, with tons of golden rays streaking out everywhere, which was very, Very, VERY cool. Next, we left the building and walked on for a bit farther, and then to a gate with two guards by it. They let us in, to a courtyard right outside of a big church. We couldn’t go in, but just looked around. There was a lot of “modern” art, including vines tied together with metal wires in little cages, which was supposed to be art. Then we walked back out of the gates and walked back to the parking garage. There, we got in the car and drove home. It was very uneventful, and soon we were in our driveway. I hopped on the computer to type, and then we headed out for dinner. We were going to a new place for our last night, a spot on the river. We walked in, and a lady found us a seat on the porch. It was very nice out, now that it stopped raining, and I enjoyed it. I ordered a cheese pizza with olives, and played solitaire for the wait. Then it came, and since I hated olives, and my mom was obsessed with them, I gave them to her. The pizza was very delicious, and was a nice change from hamburger patties. Once we finished, we payed the bill and went home to go to bed. Tomorrow, it’s on to a new area of France!