Saturday, May 1:  May Day! May Day!

Happy May Day! I was happy to see that the sun was shining again. I got up, and went in the kitchen. Everybody was getting ready to go out to breakfast, so I got dressed and went out. We walked to the bar first and ordered our drinks. I got peach syrup today which was very delicious. Then the man offered us a free drink because we’ve come here 8 days, and we gratefully excepted it. I chose raspberry, which was very sweet because he put the same amount of syrup in a smaller glass. Then we thanked him for the last time, and went out to breakfast. We were going to the same place as yesterday, and this time I ordered a white eclair, and my brother ordered a pure frosting treat that was shaped and colored like a pig. We then took them home to eat them. Mine was very scrumptious, and my brother’s (I had a bite) was all sugar with a little cake, but I liked it. My parents then said it was time to get packing, so I grabbed all of my stuff. It took a bit because everything was in different rooms, but sooner or later I was ready. I decided to go on a shutterhappy tour with my camera and take a picture of every room in the house. My brother got in the way of a lot of them, but oh well. After that was finished, I heard some digital chiming ringing all through the house. We figured it was the front door bell, but sounded to much like a computer. We opened the door to see the lady who rented the house there. We let her in so she could look around. Soon we were all paid and accounted for, and we piled in the car. The lady picked a nice flower for us because of May Day, so we thanked her and drove off.

This drive was about 2 and a half hours, and we got to our destination at 1:00. We were supposed to go to our B+B at 5:00, so we had plenty of time. We were staying in a town called Caunes-Minervois about 20 minutes away from Carcassone, a medieval walled city where we are stopping until we can get to our room, the L’Ancienne Boulangerie. In the area of Carcassone, we parked in a lot and got out. It was amazing! Tons of tipped towers and walls and little buildings were everywhere, and it looked like it was straight out of a fairy tale! We walked through the empty moat by an always-down-drawbridge, and plunged inside the busy main street. Everyone was hungry, so we walked around, finding a place to eat. Eventually we came to a crowded plaza with no shortage of restaurants. We all decided on one with good kids menus, and we sat down. I got the hamburger steak, and chocolate ice cream for desert. Everything was delicious, but it took a while to eat, get the bill, and pay it. They were very crowded, so we understood. After we all ate, we started to go on a walk. We were going to walk all around the walls, and we did. It was very fun, with lots of nice views of the country and the walls. It wrapped back to the drawbridge, and then we went back into the city. First we needed to stop in a tourist information booth, so we could grab maps. My dad did so, and then we went out on the main street.

Now we were heading for a church here, and got to it with ease. We walked in the door and went inside, to see tons of stained glass! It was all over the altar, and on lots of good colors too. We toured around, looking at all of the art. Then, once we finished, we walked back outside to look at the facade. There were lots of gargoyles sticking their heads out, and was pretty funny. After that we headed down another street until we came to a little shop. My mom looked at postcards, while I turned the crank on the mini organ grinders. Each played a different tune, and were pretty neat. Then we kept on walking until we came to the main drag again. We headed down it and past the plaza where we ate to come out to the drawbridge. Then we walked across and to the car. I went in and looked out the window for the short drive. while passing a small town, we saw lots of people sitting on the side of the road staring at us, and I didn’t know why. Suddenly, we heard a big bang of trumpets and sound and confetti, because we were accidentally driving on the path of a parade! No wonder they were staring at us! We quickly pulled out and watched. It was a Martian theme, with lots of tin foil shaped to look like spacecrafts on the floats. Devilish little people dressed up as martians threw confetti in your faces and little firecrackers at your feet. I liked it a lot, especially all of the floats, even though there were only about 5 or 6 of them. Soon the parade passed, so we hopped back in the car and drove to our town. Soon we were in the center, looking for the B+B.

Eventually we found it down a very skinny alley, so we went inside. The owners here were American, so that was nice. They were having a birthday party for the owner, but soon a lady and a nice dog approached. The lady took us up to our room, but the white dog stayed behind. She took us up to the top floor where there was only 2 rooms. One was very small but with a porch and a nice bed, where the other was big with a kitchenette, a double bed, and a loft with a single bed. Robert and I got to choose between our own room or a loft. It was tough but I chose my own room while Robert dominated the loft. When I went inside I examined it more. It was all red and white with rocks still in the walls, and the deck had a great view. Then I did my homework until it was dinnertime. The people who live here recommended a place in town that had lots of pizzas, so we went there. It was a nice little place, so we sat down. I ordered a cheese pizza, and everyone else ordered a pizza too. While we were waiting, we noticed a white cat purring under the table. Suddenly he jumped up on Robert’s lap and sat down! Robert started to laugh and pet him, but after 15 minutes he hopped down. Our food was here anyway. My pizza was very delicious, with fresh mozzarella. After I ate I noticed another white cat, only this one looked puffier and fatter. He (or she) didn’t budge, so I left it alone. Then the bill came, so we paid it and went home. Then we went to bed. Tomorrow we’re going to meet Nelly!