Thursday, May 6:  Our Last Day at the Chateau

Today I woke up again to find it was very nice and sunny, but remembering how it was raining yesterday, while it looked like this first thing in the morning. I wore reasonable clothes, and walked downstairs. We were going to have breakfast again, so everybody assembled and grabbed food. There were some new relatives here, and they were here last night for dinner, but we didn’t see them. One was a nice lady named Cecile, and her husband Jacque. They were very friendly. My dad told me that they grew lots of fruit, including kiwis. I got the the usual to eat, except for some Nutella on bread. Paul had to go to school first thing in the morning, so we never saw him again. After everyone was practically done, we showed everyone some pictures of where we lived, including a picture of Molly, one of our dogs who looks crazed, and a grumpy picture of Willow, our sensitive cat, with a Santa hat on. After we finished, we went back upstairs to pack up. I don’t know why, but it seemed to take longer to get packed than usual. Finally, I finished, and watched my brother on the computer. I showed him a little button, that played music and sounds, so we turned the volume as loud as possible and repeated the cow moo, until my mom made us stop. Then we found a movie of a Venus’s (yes, it is Venus’s, not Venus) Flytrap in action. It quickly trapped its victim, and was very cool. I got one for Christmas this year, and Carley, our house sitter, said in her email that it was growing very big and active, after it’s dull winter hibernation.

At this time, Thierry and Rob were Xeroxing some genealogy stuff and it took them a while too. After a very long time, everybody was ready, and that was exactly when it was time for lunch downstairs. Everyone sat down, and started eating. Thierry happened to pull out the wine bottle with the year I was born on it, and so he grabbed one with Robert’s year on it too, 1994 (mine was 1992). I tasted mine, and Robert tasted his. Then we started to eat. The main thing to eat was the different meats. Half of them I didn’t know what they were, and didn’t want to know. For desert, Marie France knew we probably wouldn’t like it, so she gave us a drumstick and said we could eat it in the garden, so we thanked her and left. I sat on the swing and ate it, and it was very delicious. Then the sun came out so I was happy. Suddenly, everyone came out and assembled for a group picture, and the cook took the pictures. She was a little overwhelmed trying to work 4 cameras, Dad’s, Mom’s, mine, and Jacque’s. Eventually all were took, so we ran off and I tried to knock Robert off the swingset. Then it was time to go, so we grabbed our bags and waited in the main room to wait for Dad and Thierry to finish. We played Sente (Not set or Senet), until they came in, papers in hand. Then we all looked outside to see the tour group was here, and it was hailing. We waited for the tour to leave, and then the hail stopped, so we left and got in the car. We said goodbye and thanked them, and we drove off.

This was a shorter drive, about 2 hours, so I just read “Timeline”, until we pulled into Sarlat, where we were staying now. It was a nice town, a good mixture of modern businesses and old cobbled streets. Then we quickly pulled into a big building with a tower on one side, where we were staying. It was called La Couleuverine, and was a very awesome hotel. We parked on the street, and walked into the main lobby. There was a nice lady at the desk, who happily gave us our key. It was on the top floor, the third, so we hiked up the curvy stairs. We didn’t see our number on the floor, number 19, but then we saw a doorway leading outside. We took it, and realized we were in the tower we saw from the car, and that our room was in it! We took the rock stairs of a small staircase, and saw 19. There was a room above us, but it looked a little cramped, and not as cool. We walked inside and looked around, and it was very neat!

It had windows on three out of four walls, but one wall’s shutters were stuck. The windows were low down, so the ramparts were blocking some of the view, giving it a medieval look. There were two individual beds on each side, and a double bed for my parents to use. There was a bathroom, and a television on top of a closet. I claimed my bed, and it was the one with windows. I noticed that there were 4 radiators in a small room, so we would be plenty warm. We went back down to grab our packs, and my dad saw Louis (Nelly’s friend)! We invited him in, so he came. He was going to show us around tomorrow, because he grew up around here, but we were surprised to see him now. We invited him to come to dinner with us the day after tomorrow (my birthday!), so he called Nellie and made the arrangements. We said goodbye, and unpacked. We just lazed around and did homework, until it was time for dinner. We had to eat two meals at the hotel’s restaurant as a part of staying, so we went for our first time tonight. It was a fancy restaurant, but we sat down and looked at the menu. I ordered the menu enfant, and it included a lot of courses for a good price. The first part was a starter, some weird pate’, and I didn’t really like it. Next came a plate of raw vegetables (eew), but I ate it all. Next came the main course, the steak with potatoes. The steak was very good and rare, and the potatoes were delicious. Then came ice cream, and I got lemon and chocolate. They were both very excellent, but then I got tired and went up to bed. Tomorrow we’re seeing caves!