Monday, May 10:  An Awesome Bird Show

Today I was woke up, and was instantly ready to go. We went down to breakfast a little late, 9:30, so there was few places that were cleared, and all of the bowls and plates were gone, so we waited a bit until the maid came and brought us some. Today I was going to try the oatmeal, with LOTS of sugar (heh heh heh). It was nice and sweet, and was a lot better than chocolately cocoa curls, or whatever that stuff was. After I ate we all went upstairs. We were going to do things in the afternoon, so we did some chores in the morning, like homework, and my mom did the laundry at a laundromat across the street. I typed on the computer, and then read my book. My dad then decided to go to the post office, because we have some things that we don’t need in our luggage, like guidebooks to Rome, birthday presents, and things we brought and thought we would use, but didn’t. I came along with him, and helped with the big green plastic box. We were going to drive, because it was so immense, so we zipped over. I noticed that finally there were no dark clouds, or any for that matter, and it was finally warm! Yippee! When we got out of the car, we went into the office, and waited in line. When we got to the counter, my dad talked to her about what we should do with it, and eventually decided that he would put all of the books in a separate small box, for the book rate, and all of the other junk in a smaller one, too. There was only one problem, they didn’t have boxes!

She suggested to go to the supermarket and pick some up, but we tried at our hotel first. We drove on back, and then walked up to the front desk. The lady helped us, and gave us two small boxes, and one big one. We thanked her a ton, and then went upstairs via the cramped elevator, and unloaded. My dad did all of the organizing, and we crumpled up the paper balls and threw them in, for packing. Then my dad needed to buy tape, so Robert went with him, while I worked on the computer. It took a long time for them to get back, so my mom decided to go on a walk while they were still out, and then they returned shortly after she left. They said they had to try 5 stores until they found some, so that was why they were late. He packaged it up, and took me with him to go drop it off at the post office. Right when we parked, I saw mom taking her walk, so I caught up with her and told her we were in the post office. She decided to leave Dad to all of the work, so she took me, and we walked home. We finally got back about the time dad did, so we finally got moving and out. It was lunchtime, so we went to a hidden square devoted to fat geese who become Foie Gras, and we ate there. Nearby was a little cafe, where I got a big hot dog and a soda. It was a very huge hot dog, and they used a baguette for the bun! After everyone ate, we walked BACK to the hotel, BACK in the car, and BACK on the road.

We were going to a big chateau, called Chateau des Milandes, where Josephine Baker, some song and dance lady, lived. We quickly reached our destination, and got out to buy tickets. We did so, and then looked around, to look at the huge house. It had a gothic look, which I liked, and we were eager to look inside. The house had many rooms to tour, including a pool room, three bathrooms, a wax dummy of her, a costume room, a dining room, a kitchen, and a left handed spiral staircase! Exhausted, we popped out, and it was in the garden. After the touring, there was going to be a birds of prey show here, at 3:00, in a half an hour. We sat around and looked at the view, until the show began. There were five birds, each doing a different thing. The first one, a small one, flew to a pillar and back, the next big bird was very neat, because everybody in the crowd got to hold it. It also did a show with a ferret, where the ferret went into a hole, and gave the effect that it scared the rabbit (really a stuffed animal on a remote control car), and the bird stopped it. The next one was a owl, who was very pretty, and has amazing wings. He swooped down, and then up, many times. After that came the next, and last, bird, which was very nimble and fast. The man would tell it to fly up, and then soar down, at a top speed of 180 miles and hour! It was like a bullet! After that he thanked everyone for coming, and walked away.

We could tell that we saw everything here, so we walked back to the car, and drove off. We decided to take a boat trip down the Dordogne, so we went to the town in the rock, where we went with Nelly and Louis and Nick. We bought tickets to go on a huge boat with a tour guide, and we waited on the big toy until we could board. The lady spoke in French, so we didn’t get commentary, but it was very pretty going down, and back up again, getting a glance of Castelnaud. We got back in the car and drove home. It was instantly dinnertime when we got back, so we went out and explored, looking for a nice spot. Eventually we did, a little cafe, with a hidden terrace! It was really nice, and I was glad we found it. I ordered the Menu Enfant. First came the main course, where I chose a hamburger steak with frites. The hamburger actually tasted like a hamburger (not a normal steak), which was nice, and for desert I got a lemon tart with English Cream! The tart was very, well, tart! And it was practically drowned in cream, which was very delicious. We then talked for a bit until the waiter brought the check, and then we went home. Tomorrow we’re going to visit the Loire Valley!