Tuesday, May 18:  The Science Museum

I woke up and pulled myself out of bed to have breakfast. I had some toast and pears, and then typed up my journal for a while. Today was going to be our last full day in Paris, so we decided to do something fun. We planned on going to a science museum, and taking a ride on the canal home. My dad called the boat people, but that was the day they were sold out, so that was cancelled. We could still go to the museum though, so we got ready to go, and eventually out. It was now about 11:00. We had to take a different metro, so we walked up to the one in the Louvre, which was closest. It was a long ride to our stop, so we just found seats and waited for 15 minutes, until we got off and out. It took us right in front of the museum, and it was huge! We walked up to it, and through the doors to the ticket desk to buy some passes. We were now on the 0 floor, so we went up the escalator to the first floor, and we went into the first exhibit, mathematics. It wasn’t as dull as I thought it would be in this part, with a lot of hands on material. There was a thing that released a ball and made it spin in a circle, until it got caught in the hole in the center. Another showed the probability of the balls falling and making a curve, and it worked every time. After we saw everything here, we stayed on the same floor and went to the images section. Inside, there was a big room that had a station with a picture of the Mona Lisa on a screen, but she was making expressions! On a computer, you could make her happy or sad, grumpy or overjoyed. With the microphone, you could even make her talk with your voice!

Then we went to a room in the exhibit that was greek looking, but a little distorted. I walked around it and looked through the little peephole looking in to the room, and wow. It was real but an illusion, making my dad, who was standing on one side of the room, and my brother, on the other, were different sizes! It was very hard to describe, and I think I’ll put in a picture later. We were finished with that room, so we walked down to the main floor to go into the kid exhibit. Dodging all of the people on field trips, I looked around. There was some pretty neat stuff, like cameras that showed every angle of you at once, a mini greenhouse, an electronic drum set, and the like. What I liked was that you could grab a piece of paper with little boxes, and go through stations. The stations showed you how to compare what your hair color was, your eye color, your thumb print shape, and stuff. You marked the boxes, and then went up to a computer and put it in. It compared the results with everybody else, and tried to see if you were unique. I wasn’t, and somebody had exactly the same traits as me. When we finished with that room we were very hungry for lunch, so we went to floor -2 and went to a cafeteria. I ordered off the kid menu, which offered a cheese-burger, fries, ice cream, and a drink. I grabbed my food, and then sat down at a table. The burger was very good, with a nice bun, but the fries were pretty sick. I ate a lot of them, but they didn’t have much flavor. For a drink I had Fanta, and orange ice cream.

When we all finished, we decided to do some more parts. First we were going to do the Light Games section, which was full of illusions and stuff. It was on the 1st floor, so we went there, and inside. Many were very cool, including a three sided mirror which produced thousands of you, a white paddle that twirled very fast, and with a special light made a color changing show, and a thing that when you looked in, showed an illusion of two people at once, one a boy and the other a girl, with the same face, but the boy had an afro and the girl had curly hair! My favorite was one where you look in to see your eye staring back, but when you dimmed the light bulb, you could see your pupil getting bigger, and smaller when the light turned on. After that we went into a quickie, rocks and volcanoes. It just showed Pangea and tectonic plates and junk. Then we decided to go to the automobile section, but did a quick peak at the space part, with a huge rocket and models and stuff. In the car part, there was a car driving simulation, but it had a huge line. There was other stuff, like crash test dummies and a little car crash mystery game, but in French. When we were all finished, we walked out of the museum, and plopped on the metro, exhausted. At home I did my typing and home work, until dinner. My dad had a recommendation from another friend, so we decided to go there. It wasn’t nearby, so we took two metros to get there. We emerged in a quiet area, with the sun setting, yet still very light for 7:30! We eventually got to the spot, a little restaurant, with nobody there, because 7:30 is early for dinner. We sat down and looked at the set menus, and I got a fish soup as a starter, chicken as a main course, and coffee and vanilla ice cream with hot fudge (yum). First came the soup, and was very delicious, one of the best! The chicken was good, and the ice cream was delicious also. We than took the metro back home, where everybody went to sleep.