Friday, May 21:  Greenwich

I woke up today, ready to go. We all got dressed, and then went down to breakfast. I had the usual, which was just as good as yesterday’s. Then we walked back upstairs, grabbed our packs, and walked outside. Today we were going to take a day trip to Greenwich, not far away. The way to go was by boat, so we took the metro to the docks, and looked around. The river Thames was right in front of us, with the London Eye looming overhead. The London Eye is a huge ferris wheel that is used for observation, and takes a half an hour to go all of the way around. You are in little enclosed booths, and was painted all white. It is also built like a huge bicycle wheel. At the pier there was a little booth for tickets to Greenwich on a tour bus. We bought tickets and waited in line for the next one. Soon it came, and everyone boarded on. My mom thought it was too cold to sit on the top floor, so she stayed below, while Robert, Dad, and I went up. It was a kinda cloudy day, but wouldn’t rain anytime soon. Soon the boat started moving, and the tour guide started talking as we went down the river. He mostly talked about buildings. There is a company called OXO, and they wanted to advertise on the river, but it was forbidden. But they cleverly made huge stained glass windows that said OXO, and that was okay! Another building was a marvel of mirrors, an amazing work of architecture, using mind boggling constructions, and after hours of thinking they finally came up with a brilliant name for it...... Town Hall (yawn). Then the commentary stopped, because now we had seen everything, and was just cruising. After a 1/2 an hour, we finally reached our destination. Everyone got off, and we looked around. There was a lot of green space, but the thing we were going to do was look at some ships. One huge black one is the only tea clipper left! EVER! It was very cool because it was all intact. The other small one was special because it was the first small boat to sail all around the world! I was surprised at how teeny it was.

Then we decided to go look for some lunch, so we dropped in a tavern that allowed children. It was called Tragilfar Tavern, and was very old. I got a pepper fajita, and it came quickly. It was different, with lots of veggies, and it was OK. Everyone ate their food, and then we left. The next stop was some chapels, so we walked a bit to them. One was on the small side, with a huge painting and pews around. It was very pretty, and painted a golden color. Then we walked outside to find that it was pouring! We grabbed our umbrellas, walked across the little road to the other, set our umbrellas down, and walked inside. This one was huge! It was painted everywhere, on the walls, doors, and especially the ceiling. It showed a rich guy in the center, and a bunch of other people around him. A man helped us understand some parts, and then we walked out. After this was to visit the Queen’s House. It is not where the current Queen lives, but older ones used to. It was free to go inside, so we grabbed a ticket and walked up the not cramped spiral staircase. We got off at a floor, and walked around the almost bare rooms, with just some paintings. We went up another floor to find that it was just the same thing, so we walked back down and out. There was a marine museum for free, so we went there now.

It was pretty hands-on, with some games to do with latitude and junk. We went into a room that was about voyages, and how they did them in the 19th century. Then we got out and to a little thing on the wall that was a whirlpool, and you could press a button to control it. Then we went into an exhibit that was about old boat cruises, with pictures and models, and a movie of the people relaxing. Then we went up some stairs and through an elevator to the third floor, where it was about more voyages and Nelson and stuff. It wasn’t as interesting, but still pretty neat. After that, everybody was tired, so we left the museum in search for our next stop, the Prime Meridian! We walked up a big hill on the backside of the palace, now also a park, in the direction of the observatory. We finally reached the top, and walked out into the little square, with the prime meridian marked! It was a big metal strip, and people were taking pictures of themselves on both hemispheres. There was also the clock of Greenwitch Mean Time, and was accurate to the tenth of a second. Since I still had my watch from the Louvre that I got with my Flou drink. I set it to the second, and now I had Greenwich time! We also took pictures on both sides. It was fun to hop on them, too. When my dad was here a long time ago, he went inside the little clock museum, so we went there. It housed the first clock that could be used at sea, and the most important clock in the world! The important one was the first pocket-watch, and had cleverly been compacted together, without electricity. It wasn’t a huge museum, so we left again and walked back down the hill to the pier.

My mom wanted to get ice cream, so we all stopped at a little stand near the docks. I got a Solero Tropic, like a mango ice cream bar. My mom got a Magnum, my brother got some choco-cocoa bar, and my dad got strawberry. We thanked our parents, and then began boarding the boat. This time we didn’t go up at all, it WAS too cold, and we played cards as the boat whizzed back home. Our dad taught us to play hearts, which is a confusing game, and I still don’t remember all of it. Then the boat pulled into the harbor at London, an hour later. We got off, and were instantly on the look for food. We all wanted to try some fish and chips, so after a long time of walking we eventually found a place. It was a sit-down place, and they had a menu, so we looked at it and ordered. I got a cod with fries, and an orange Fanta. We could watch them bake it, which was neat, and soon ours came. I ate it, and everything was delicious. The fish was just right, the fries perfect, and the drink refreshing. When we were all done, we thanked the man and walked back home to the hotel, where I did my homework, and then went to bed. I wonder what we’re doing tomorrow?