Saturday, May 22:  The Circle of Life

We woke up a bit later than we wanted to today, but oh well. I got dressed, and then headed down to breakfast with everybody. I had the usual, by a nice waiter, and then walked upstairs. The first thing we were going to do today was see the British museum. It housed many artifacts of ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt, and I couldn’t wait to see it. We took the metro from Victoria station and it was a quick ride. We got out into the street, where we realized that it was just down a bit, so we walked there. It was a huge stone building, made to look like a temple, and after we gazed at it we walked inside. The inside is the biggest covered plaza in all of Europe! It was covered with glass, though, and gave it a cool effect. Though I wouldn’t really call it a plaza. It was free, so we just walked in and went to an area. First was the Egyptian, and it was mostly sculptures. Some things were neat, like a huge pharaoh head, and some huge walls. But the coolest one was... The Rosetta Stone! I had heard and read about it a lot, and was glad we got to see it. I didn’t realize it being so huge, though. We hurried on forward from there, to the Greek area. We decided to skip Roman, because we had seen enough of it in Rome (of course). There was a very neat rebuilt mini temple inside, and was cool to see, because we weren’t going to Greece. Then we went into one huge room with remains of some Parthenon or something. That was all we wanted to do, so we left.

After seeing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, my mom got all psyched up about London plays. She also saw that the Lion King was in town, so she decided that maybe we should see it, because it would never come to Seattle! Though we had to see the prices. My dad followed a route on the metro to get close to it, and then we got off. A quick walk down the street, and we got to the Lyceum Theatre, with huge banners showing a huge picture of the Lion King. We walked inside to see if any tickets were available, and there were. The price was decent, so we decided to do it. Yes! I couldn’t wait! Now everybody was hungry, so we found a little pub/restaurant, and sat outside in the sun. I decided what to get off the menu, and it was a good one. I got a vegetarian lasagna, with some cheese, and we waited for it to come. Then it did, and I tasted it. The cheese was unusually creamy, which was good, and the added garlic bread was delicious. I ate it all, and it was just perfect. Then my mom tasted it, and she said that it was goat cheese! Oops. At that time we were ready to go see the play at 2:00, so we walked in through the confusing crowded halls, to come out in a huge theatre. We had pretty good seats, on the bottom floor. The theatre had a brownish tint on everything, and it looked perfect with the African curtain. Then a half an hour passed, and it began. It started with “The Circle of Life”, and it was amazing! The costumes were outrageous, with men with four legged stilts to look like a giraffe, birds, elephants, and all. It was cool that you could see the people, only they were dressed like the animal, but controlled the puppet/costume. The play was amazing, with tons of backdrops, three huge sets that came out of the ground, lights, smoke, and more! The bird that helped Simba’s dad was held up by a man in black using his voice, and the same with Timon. The voices were amazing, just like the movie. The part where Simba sees his dad was cool, because when it was dark people ran up, and you didn’t noticed them, and stuck up huge wooden “puzzle pieces” that made up Mufasa’s face. Then it was over, and everybody bowed, and we left. That was definitely the coolest musical I have ever seen!

It was about 4:00, and everyone was kinda tired, so we took the metro home. There I did a little work, but then my dad called and said that we were going to a park. The kind man at the desk let my dad use a private park that he gets a membership too for having the hotel where it is, and you need a key to get in. My dad asked him where there was a good park was, and that was his answer! We thanked him, and everybody but mom went out. It was just around the corner, and we used the key to get inside. A lot of other people were there, because they lived in the apartments nearby, and it was a nice area. It had a tennis court, big-toy, and a huge lawn. Soccer was prohibited, so we couldn’t play that, so we ran around the gardens along the fence. There were little trails leading off the walking path made of stone, and they were fun to navigate through. Then it was time to go, so we walked out and home. I did some work, and then we went out to dinner. It was a slow night, so we decided to just go get a pizza at Victoria Station again. We walked to the station, and went to the second floor and ordered two pizzas. We got some drinks at the nearby McDonald’s and ate them at the tables. It was uneventful, so we just walked home and went to bed. Tomorrow we’re going to Changing the Guard!