Monday, May 24:  Back to Driving

I woke up today, and remembered that we were moving again, so I began to pack up. Halfway through, we headed down to the last breakfast. I had the Full English Breakfast again, and it was just as delicious. Then we thanked the cooks, and finished packing upstairs. It was about 10:00 then, so we carted our luggage down to the lobby and went out the door. Today we are going to the city of Bath, and to get there we need to take a metro to the airport here, and then pick up another rental car! We don’t know what kind of car it will be though. We walked to our metro stop at the train station, and with difficulty boarded. This metro ride was going to be 50 minutes, so we just waited. Luckily, this track was outside, so you could look at things. A long time later we came to our stop, and we entered the airport. My dad found the rental car booth, so Mom and Dad talked to the lady, and she said to go to terminal 2, and a car will pick you up to go to the lot. We did so, and waited on the curb, and then it came, so we got on. 5 minutes later we got out of the van at the Europcar company. We went into the reception area, where my parents talked to another person at the desk, and she told us where the car was. We followed her directions, and stopped when we found it. It was a Rover! A Rover is some sort of English car company, and it was a pretty nice car for not having requested it. The car was red, and held 5 people, and the middle seat had a decent seat-belt. On the inside, the steering wheel was on the other side, which reminded us that we would have to drive on the other side of the road! We loaded our stuff, and then hopped in and drove off. It wasn’t too weird to drive this way, and I got used to it.

2 hours later, we stopped for lunch at a food court type thingy. We walked inside, and looked at all of the restaurants. I got a sausage in batter (huh?), with chips (fries) and baked beans. For a drink I got a Fanta. I was surprised at how cheap it was, a far cry from London. We sat down and ate at a table, and mine was actually pretty good. When we all finished, we walked out to the car, and drove the rest of the way to Bath. An hour later, we pulled into the city limits, where we decided to look for our B+B. After a few asking directions and walking, we found it. There was a nice woman in the garden, and she invited us in. First she showed us the parent’s room, a double bed with a window overlooking the garden across the street. Then, on the third floor, she came to our room. It had three beds, two were made, and it had a sloping roof to tell we were near the ceiling, and a little window. Included was a TV, a fan, and a sink. The bathroom was outside the door, and the people who didn’t pay for a bathroom of their own used that one, including both of us. Then we all unpacked, and after we all finished, decided to do something.

Dad took Robert and I to the park, which is very huge, and just down the road. We walked through some monuments, and then came to the huge yard of big-toys. The only cool one was a huge metal pole about 15 feet into the air, with tons of hard rope branching off, in some extensive pattern. We could slip through them, and stuff. After an hour we walked back to our room, when we decided to go back out and have dinner. We had a recommendation from somebody of a great fish and chips place, so we walked there. Bath had a lot of B+Bs, and lots of shops too. Eventually we came to a square, with a little dead end street coming out of it, where the restaurant was. It was called “Seafood”, which I thought was a very creative name. We sat down at some tables outside, and a woman came up to take our orders. I got some chicken nuggets and chips, with a drink called “Panda Pop” (uh oh). Then it came.

The chicken was very tasty, and the fries superb, but I had thought differently about the soda. It was all artificial sugar, and all kinds of weird vitamins, and tasted horrible. But apart from that is was a very good meal. We decided to go to something after dinner, and it was a comedy walk. It is called Bizarre Bath, and starts not far away, and at 8:00. We walked into the square where it was supposed to be starting, and it did. A man in a purple suit with purple balloons and a purple bag stood on a crate and began. He was hilarious! He led us through some streets and poked fun at a lot of things, and it was very funny. One thing was tying up a stuffed rabbit, sticking him in the bag, and throwing him in the water, as he said he would escape. Everyone knew it was fake, as the rabbit floated to the surface! Another thing was sticking somebody whose stamp of approval warn off into a guillotine type thing, and trying to chop her head off! What was very funny was pointing out that a gate that was 2 feet high, and easy to step over, but had a key hole, which DEFINITELY stopped break-ins. He led us back to where we began, and then we went home and to bed. Tomorrow we might go on a canal walk.