Tuesday, May 25:  A Walk, a Church, and the Baths of Bath

I woke up this morning, and got dressed. I started to do a little homework, but then it was time for breakfast, which was in the breakfast room, on the second floor. Everyone went in to find it was just a big table, with a mini-buffet. I wasn’t very hungry, so I just grabbed some yogurt, orange juice, and a small little chocolate thing. Everything was good, so I just went back upstairs when I finished. Then I typed for a 1/2 an hour, and then my dad said that we should go do some errands, so I tagged along. He went to the tourist information office first, to get a map. It was near the abbey, part of the walk we did. He paid 50 pence for it, and then we left. After that we went to the Podium Shopping Center, which was also part of the comedy walk. There was a library here, which was supposed to have free internet use, so we went up the elevators, and inside. I was surprised to find a huge library here, in the middle of a mall. We hopped on a station, where my dad did some E-mail. After that we walked back out and down the escalator. There was also a grocery store, where we went to get some chips and orange juice, which was accomplished with no problem. But luckily there was some free boxes here, so we grabbed a few to load up with used guidebooks, where we could put it in the car. Then we exited, and walked home. Robert and Mom were waiting and eager to get out and do something, so we grabbed our backpacks, and walked back outside (phew). What we wanted to do now was walk along a canal and to a small town that was very nearby, and in walking distance.

First we walked down to a river in Bath, and walked next to it for a bit. It was very pretty, including a few swans. Then we came to the point where we could start to walking along the canal, so we did so. It was a small canal, we noticed. A few minutes later, we came to a point with a lot of boat locks, and a man in his boat using one! He had a long, red boat, built for canals, and painted nicely. He lived on it, and even had a dog! The boat locks were used for making a boat go up or down a hill in water. You open and close doors to make the water level rise and fall, and eventually you make it up! It was very cool to watch. Then we walked on. This area was even more beautiful, and near the end we came to a spot where we could see all of Bath! At that point we could also see the village, and soon we were near it, where the restaurant where we were going to eat was. It was actually a pub, but with nice outdoor seating, and a ton of room. We sat down, and looked at the menu. I ended up getting fish and chips, with Sprite. Soon it came, and it had free peas! The fish was excellent, and the Sprite had a lemon wedge in it. The fries and peas were great, too. We spent some time deciding the best way to get home, because everybody was tired. In the end we called a taxi, and he picked us up and drove us to Bath, but we requested that he dropped us off near the bridge. Right now I forget the name of it, but is semi-famous, with shops all along it. I didn’t even realize that we were on it until we got off, there were so many! Now we were in the same area of the Abbey again, so we decided to go inside it and take a look around.

It was an amazing church from the outside, and was a gothic style, with all kinds of points and spires. We walked into the ticket booth and bought some, and then walked inside. The man gave Robert and I a quiz and a pencil, and said we should fill it out. We tried, but the questions were weird, like, “Why did Queen Victoria go to Parliament in 1842 and blah blah blah. I didn’t pay much attention to it, but looked around the church. It had beautiful stained glass, and an amazing roof. Pretty much everything was painted white, which made it seem to glow. After 15 minutes of so, we left. The last thing that we wanted to do today was see the Roman Baths. It was right across the street, so we just walked over and in. We payed for our tickets, and it was cool, because it included an audio guide! We went into the first room, outside, which was the main bath. It still has hot water from springs in it, and was a greenish color. We walked around the raised walkway we were on, and inside. It was a museum of baths and pieces of the old roof that collapsed, and a few mini-pools. We listened to the audio guide, but then the tour was over. We gave them back, and left, tired. We walked straight home, after that, where I did my homework for about two hours. Then we decided to head out to dinner. We were feeling tired, so we decided to eat at Pizza Hut. There was one nearby, so we walked for ten minutes to the area across the street from the Fish and Chips. Everyone walked inside, and I found it nicer than the ones at home, and it was like Round Table. We waited to get seats, and then our waiter took us one, where we looked at the menu. Robert and I decided to get the Treat for Two, which included a plate of garlic bread, a medium pizza, and as many trips to the “Ice Cream Factory” as you like.

FOOD OVERLOAD!!! First came the garlic bread, which is always good, and then the pizza. We got extra cheese and sausage, which was very good, especially the meat. It took a while for us to finish it, but then our cheerful waiter brought us two bowls and spoons, so we walked over to the ice cream area. I made myself some soft serve, and put chocolate sauce and stuff on top, then went back to the table and ate it. It was delicious! The only thing I thought was gross, was that they had popcorn flavored syrup to put on top (sick). When everybody was done, we thanked our parents and walked home and to bed.