Thursday, May 27:  An Exciting Day, for a Drive!

(David’s Note: This first part is EXTREMELY boring. Read with caution.) Today I got up as usual, and started packing, because we were driving again. Once I finished I had breakfast with everyone, and then went back upstairs. My dad went out to a cash machine, and my mom was at the laundromat, so I just did my math until they came home. Then we carried our bags out to the car in the lot, and I noticed that it was a very hot day today. Then, we split up, because Dad and Robert went on some errands, while Mom and I went to the library in the Podium Shopping Center to do internet. We walked along, and then went inside and grabbed two computers. My mom did her mail, while I just browsed and stuff. After a half hour, we walked back to the car, found that they weren’t there, and walked back to the hotel garden to read a book. Then they met us there, and we walked back to the lot behind the hotel, got in the car, and drove off.

(David’s Note continued: There, you lived.) There was a lot to see on this drive, with great weather and a lot of countryside. But since yesterday when we joined National Trust at Avebury, there were a lot of free things we could see, and one of them was on our drive, so we parked in a lot with a lot of grass and trees around. We went into the ticket room, and said that we were members, so we were allowed to go in. We walked on the dirt trail, with all kinds of plants and trees and fields, and it was huge! I also noticed that this place was also an animal place, and we could walk right up to the herds of cows and deer. Then we walking to a huge chateau, where people actually lived. Then we turned around and walked another way, by the cows again. We got some drinks in the ticket booth, because it was boiling out, and then got back in the car and drove for another hour. By that time it was about 1:00, so we found a pub on the road, pulled in, and looked around. It was named after an animal, but I don’t know which. We walked into a garden, where there was seating, and sat down. Robert and I played cards for a while, and then decided our order. I got a grilled cheese sandwich, and so did Robert, and then we all split a desert, a vanilla waffle with white chocolate ice cream and chocolate sauce (phew)! First came the sandwich, and it was amazing. The cheese was very good. I ate it, and then lost at solitaire. After that came the desert, and it was SO great! The sauce was superb, the ice cream perfect, and the waffle delicious! I’ve never had a desert like that before.

When we all finished eating, we payed the bill and then got in the car again and drove off. We were thinking about driving without a stop now, but Mom spotted another sign for a National Trust sight, so we parked the car and got out. We were in an area that was mostly woods, with some diggings of old stuff. We walked into the lobby, and showed them our card, so we got in. The woman showed us that there was a movie about this place in the room down the hall, so we went in and watched it. This place is called the Roman Villa, and Romans used to use this place as a kind of farmhouse, and the archaeologists found all kinds of artifacts. I noticed a little thing set up to make a mosaic, so I made one that was cross-eyed. Then we all went outside and looked around. We could see the bath house, toilets, kitchen, and everything else, and the whole house made a U-shape. Then we quickly checked inside the museum, and there were real Roman coins! It was amazing. After we saw pretty much everything, we got in the car, and hit the road (Jack!). After a while of driving, we came to the next town we were staying at, Chipping Campden. It is in the Cotswold area, and it a pretty small town, but not as empty as where we stayed in Carcassone. We were on the main street, called High street, and it all had a brown tint to everything.

The address to our B+B is labeled on Lower High Street! And the name is the Old Bake House, like L’Ancienne Boulangerie (the ancient bakery), also where we stayed near Carcassone. Eventualy we found it and parked the car right up to it. We got out and walked inside, where a girl came up and led us to our room. We went up the stairs to the first floor, walked down the hall, and up to the third floor, with number 5 and a bathroom. We walked in 5 and looked around. It was a cool room, which went out farther, with 3 beds, two armchairs, a TV, and wooden things to hold up the ceiling, and we realized that we were in the attic, kind of. The girl showed us our private bathroom across from us, and then she went away. It was cool that we had our own floor! I chose my bed and then unpacked all of my stuff. When everybody had done so, we all lied down and did our homework, and in our parents case, read maps. We did this for an hour or two, and then decided it was time for dinner. My dad had another recommendation from someone that there was a good pub called the Volunteer’s Pub, and was on High Street, nearby. We walked outside and down the street, and eventually found it.

We walked inside and into the bar area, and read the menu. I got the 5 pound special for today, which included a salmon lasagna, garlic bread, and a salad. For a drink I got a mango J2o, like in Porter’s Bar in London. We got to sit outside in the garden, which was very pretty, with a brook and all kinds of flowering stuff. We read in our book that in this town you can hear sheep from anywhere, and I believed it. Then our meal came, so we started. My lasagna was surprisingly good, and the garlic bread great. We could hardly notice the salmon, because it was ground up, and I liked that. When we all were done eating and drinking, we left and walked back to our room, and went to bed. We’re going on a hike tomorrow!