Friday, May 28:  The Hike

I woke up to a sleepy start, but eventually crawled out. I got dressed, and then everyone walked through the lobby and into the breakfast room. We sat at a table in a small wooden room with tables set for eight. We looked at a sign, and it said that they serve the Full English Breakfast here. I got that with scrambled eggs and got chocolate. It came, and we started eating. While we did so, my mom started a conversation with two ladies at the other table, because they both went to the same veterinary school! I just finished my food, thanked them, and went upstairs. Then everybody else came up, and said that we should pack our backpacks, because we were going hiking! I did just that, and asked where we were going. My dad replied that we were hiking to some tower 3 miles away, and we would be going on a public footpath, through some fields. When we were ready, we left the room and started walking from High Street, and came to a sign that pointed us to a footpath, so we walked where it told us to. We were in a huge corn field, but it just looked like grass right now. When we came to the end of that field, we climbed over a little rock thing and walked on, through a yellow field. It was like this for a while, and then we got out and was in more corn areas. We could see all kinds of countryside, everywhere you looked, and was very beautiful! Then we kept hiking, through a wooded area, and then we emerged into a mini-valley, with the tower ahead. I was amazed at how short it was, but then remembered that it was for leisure, with huge windows and balconies, and three spiral staircases! The “valley” had a lot of crabapple trees, and were in blossom.

5 minutes later we were at the tower, the destination, so we walked into the ground floor gift shop, got tickets, and then walked up to the first floor. It was now like a museum, with some posters and benches. We read about it, and then walked up to the second floor, that looked just like the other one, except for every huge window there was a small balcony, so there were 6 balconies! At the third floor, it housed a huge model of the land nearby, with a little plastic thing of the castle in the very center, and we could see our town, Chipping Campden. After that was the top floor, the roof. From up here it was more like a tower, with ramparts and stuff. There was even a telescope that you were supposed to pay 20 pence to use it, but somebody busted it and it always worked. Since it was very windy and chilly up here, we went back down to the first floor, right above the gift shop, where we could sit on the benches to eat our packed lunch. I had a sausage in a bread roll, trail mix, and some lemon energy drink. My sausage was good, the trail mix had just the right amount of chocolate, and the lemon actually tasted like a REAL lemon. I read the label on my drink, that assigned me a team, game, player, and minute. If my ONE team, on the ONE game, and my ONE player, during the ONE minute makes a soccer goal, I get 8 dollars. What are the chances of that?

When everybody was finished, we walked out through the gift shop, but my dad had a conversation with the woman at the cash register, so Robert and I played king of the hill on a boulder surrounded by poison ivy. When he was done, we jumped down and hiked the three miles back. We took pretty much the same route, just a few shortcuts, and a few hours later we were back at home. I did my homework for a little bit, but then my dad announced that he read the math test, and on all of the parts I’ve studied in my journal are in it. To take it he said that we should go to the library across the street. My brother came to take a practice test, as a study. We walked inside, and it wasn’t far, still on High Street, and was very good. We sat at a wooden table, and my dad told me to start. It was a pretty easy test, because a lot was reviewed so many times in Math Boxes that I knew it. I only forgot how to do scientific notation, though (whoops). When I finished I gave it to dad, and then we walked home. But on the way out we made a reservation to use the internet for later this afternoon. At the room, I worked on my journal, for about an hour.

At that time (6:00) we could go to the library, so everybody but mom went back. My brother read animal books, while Dad and I took turns using the computer. After our time was up, we walked back home again, and decided where we should go for dinner. My dad knew of another pub on High Street, so we dressed warm, because now it had started to rain. I forget what the name of it was, but nothing special. We walked into a smoky bar, because the restaurant part was full. we sat at a table, and looked at the menu. I had another lasagna with garlic bread, only the lasagna didn’t have salmon. Our waiter had a fun accent, and she seemed very enthusiastic when she brought us our food. My lasagna was very delicious, and so was the bread. It took a while to eat, though. Then we were all finished with that, so we ordered some desert, which was very inexpensive here. I got a chocolate cake with a little ice cream, and it came very quickly! The chocolate cake was very creamy and moist, and the ice cream had lots of powder and stuff. But after that, I don’t think I could ever eat chocolate again! We walked home, and the rain stopped, so it was easy to fall asleep.