Monday, May 31:  Harry Potter 3!!!

I woke up to find that to find that it was nice and sunny out! I got ready, and then everybody went down to breakfast, on the main floor. We sat in the room with 3 or 4 other families, and a man came up to take our order. Everybody got the Full English breakfast, and got our drinks from the cold buffet. Then it came, so we started eating. Mine was very good and very big, and included some hash browns, which was different and good. After I was done I thought I would burst, so I staggered up to my room. Then we all got ready to go out, and then did so. The first thing we were going to do today was see Harry Potter, and I was so excited! We booked tickets in the Cotswolds, and it was at some York Screens place. We walked there with no trouble, and saw a small line was forming. We hopped in, and it grew longer. I think it is cool to see it here in England, because it comes out earlier and J.K. Rowling is British. About a half an hour later, the doors open, so we went in and grabbed our tickets, rushed to theater 1, and found seats. The seats were elevated, so we could see over the people in front of us, and it was a great view. After some more waiting, the ads started to play, and eventually it started! It was a great movie, and followed the story very well. The Dementors were really, really cool! Even though Dumbeldore and the director were new, it was still just as good as the other two, maybe better. The funny parts were with Trewlayney and when Harry blew up his Aunt. Then it was over, and we started to leave the place.

It was 1:30 when we got out, because it was about a 2 and a 1/2 hours long, and we decided to look for lunch. We spotted a Pizza Hut on the big shopping street, so we went in. We all split a pepperoni pizza, and it was great. We tried to get milk, but they ran out, so we just got water, and when we were done, left. Now we were trying to go to a museum, and it had Viking stuff, which we haven’t learned about on this trip yet. It was in the middle of a nice park which we walked through, and then went inside. We got our tickets from a nice lady and entered the museum. The first exhibit was special, it had all kinds of rare things that were extinct and stuff. We looked at it briefly, and then went on to the Vikings. It talked about what they wore, where they came from, and all kinds of stuff. As we continued on though, it turned more into monks and stuff, and then it ended, and we emerged in the gift shop. We thanked the people, and then went back into the park. My dad had an idea for what we should do next, and it was to go to the NRM, or National Railway Museum. We walked along the highway to it, and it was a very huge building and hard to miss. We crossed over the walking overpass, and then to the ticket office. We bought some, and started the tour. I was amazed, because there were the real trains on the inside, that used to work! One was famous because it holds the world record for fastest speed on a steam train. Another cool thing was an intersection thing where you get the train on the track, but you would stop, and it would spin in a circle until it came to one of the 24 tracks that you could connect to, and then get on! My mom was a little bored and tired, so she waited on the bench while Robert, Dad and I went up to the part on how it worked. The main thing was the screens that showed the trains on the tracks as different colored dots, and we could spot one that was coming our way, and then on the ground a bit outside we could see it! After that all of us went on a mini elevator type thing that stayed level as you went down the track, and this was instead of taking the stairs. We met up with Mom, and then left.

Mom and Robert wanted to go see some National Trust sight, but Dad and I didn’t, so we just decided to go to the internet cafe’. After a quick stop at the room to grab my dad’s computer, we walked to it, in the center of town. Inside we asked to get two machines, but my dad would plug in his, and then we sat down. I just surfed, and my dad did some website updating. Then we were all finished, so we left and went home. Then I did my homework, while my brother got bored to death by watching some “shop til you drop” show. I finished my journal, my brother managed to turn it off, and my parents were hungry, so we went out to dinner. My mom thought we should be adventurous tonight, and that meant going to an Indian restaurant. Uh Oh. We went to some place near the internet cafe’, and went inside. Soon we were seated, and looked at the menu. Our waiter suggested a dish for Robert and I, and it was some chicken thing, so we got it. When it came, we tried it, and it wasn’t bad. It was a brown chicken sauce with chunks of chicken, and we put it on rice, but it was very sweet. After a while I got a bit tired of it, though. For a drink I had orange juice. My parents got something I didn’t recognize, and they said I shouldn’t try it, because it would “burn out my taste buds”. After we were done we were given a hot towel to wash our hands, and chocolate! Cool! We ate it, and then left. My dad knew a different way to go back home, so we followed him up onto a wall, and we could walk on it. It winded behind peoples house, and was very neat. It stopped at the place where Mom got her map, so we just walked back on the road the rest of the way. We went to bed, remembering that we were leaving York.