Wednesday, June 2:  Actually Seeing Hadrien’s Wall!

I got up to find the sun in my face, at 4:00 AM! I grumpily went back to sleep, and then my dad woke me up, so I got dressed, and then followed everybody up to the breakfast room. It was like in Bath, with a big table, only we get a Full English Breakfast! The woman came in and took our orders, and I got the English thing with some hot chocolate. Then she went out another door, and came back really quickly, with some fruit dishes! She gave us each one, and I thought that was very nice and cool. I ate it all, and then looked around the room. I looked out the window, and I could see 2 pheasants! They were very beautiful, and was surprised to see them. Then I sat back down, and breakfast came. We thanked her, and then started eating. It was pretty good, and the egg was perfectly cooked. I ate most of it, and then went back downstairs with everyone. My mom said we should pack a backpack, because we were going to hike a bit of the wall, I did so, and then we all went out to the car, and my dad started driving in the direction away from the town. About 10 minutes later, we came to the car park for it, got out, and walked inside to the ticket office. We were in free, because it was a National Trust site, so we walked through the archway and out. It was a kind of nice day out, but I felt fine. We started walking up a gravel hill, and came to the start of the hike, some ruined fort. We wanted to check it out first, though. It was very big, but not as big as the abbey, and looked like Pompeii. There was evidence of how they held up their floors with a town of rock pillars, and it was fun to jump from one to the other. Then we went inside the little museum, which told you about the place, like the rooms and stuff. It was Roman. Then we left, and actually started hiking. We could walk on the wall for a bit, through the woods, with a huge valley or something.

Then we came to the end of the part where we had to stop walking on the wall, so we just followed it. On the other side we could see the road we came on. We kept walking, and I walked through the path where all of the cows were. Then we decided to go back, so we started walking in the other direction. We came to the Roman thing again, and then walked back down to the visitor center, and then out. Everyone was hungry, so we all got sandwiches and a drink, and everybody shared some Pringles. I had a “cheese pie”, and it wasn’t bad. For a drink I had strawberry milk. Then everybody was done, so we headed back to the car to decide what to do next. It turned out to be going to Alnwick (pronounced an-ik), where a lot of Harry Potter was filmed! It was probably the main shooting area, because Hogwarts is all computer animated, including the lake. After an hour drive we were there, but couldn’t see it. We parked in a lot, and then caught a free bus to take us closer. We got off, and then started walking. Soon we came out of the woods, and there it was! It didn’t look like it at all, I knew that, but I couldn’t wait to go in. We came to the main gate and walked in. We were in a courtyard, where I recognized it as the scene in the first one where Harry and Ron insulted Hermione. Then we went inside the castle, where there wasn’t going to be Harry Potter stuff, but was still worth seeing. We walked through the rich rooms with pianos and china and marble, and all that stuff. We ended up doing a huge loop, and came out where we started. Then we went to our right, to a green grass courtyard, where there was like a mini-castle, which was now a museum. We walked across the lawn and up the towers, to find that they didn’t have very many interesting things, but they did have more cool wax dummies.

Everybody went down the stairs into the lawn, and while my parents lied down, Robert and I played on the hill. After that we were ready to get moving again, so we circled the castle around, and came to yet another courtyard, with grass too. But this one I recognized, it was where they had their flying lessons in the first one! It was cool to be here, because it looked just like it. Afterwards we decided to go drive home, so we left, took the bus to our car, and then drove on. Halfway through our drive, we had to stop at another National Trust place, because my dad had been eager to see it. We parked and then got out. We walked along to a house, with big gardens all around it. I walked inside, and then we showed them our membership, and looked around. This house is famous because it is fancy, and is the first house in the world to have electricity! It might sound cool to look around here, but it really wasn’t that great. It was just a bunch of fancy rooms, so when we were finished we walked back to the car and drove home. Back, I did my homework and then typed in my journal. At this time it was about 10 ’til 7, so we walked down to the same pub to meet up with the people that we met yesterday. They weren’t there yet, so we just played cards, until we spotted them coming up. We waved, and then they came in. Only Alex and his dad were there now, but Alex stayed here while his dad went to go get their car, because they just hiked right up to here. He told us about how they accidentally went 3 miles extra, and did 18 in total! That must be hard.

Then we talked, and then we ordered our meals, while he just got a starter to wait for his group to come. I got the mini pizza, and it was pretty pitiful. It was good, but all of the cheese fell off and was just tomato bread. Then his dad and the other family came and sat down, and then they ordered. They talked for a long time while we all ate, until 10:00. By that time they wanted to go to bed, and so did we. We gave each other our address, and then left. We said goodbye, and then went home. I fell asleep almost immediately.