Sunday, June 6:  Robert’s Birthday, at the Whiskeyville

Photo 298  The Edinburgh Castle
Photo 299  Greyfriar’s Bobby!
We woke up, and then Robert and I remembered it was Robert’s birthday, so we started packing, and when Mom was done in the shower we went into their room to open Robert’s presents. He sat on the bed, and then my mom gave hers first, a book about Leonardo da Vinci, and a little white dog, a Westie, and it was ceramic, and nice. Robert liked really liked Leonardo, and the kind of dog was special around here, in Scotland. Then I gave him mine, a green keychain of St. Francis from St. Francis’ Basilica in Assisi! I bought it when he wasn’t looking in the gift shop. I also gave him a chocolate bar, orange chocolate, from Hadrien’s wall, also when he wasn’t looking. From Dad he got a Union Jack flag, 20 Euros, and a soccer jersey. He liked them all, and then he thanked us. Then we all went down to breakfast, ate, and then came back up and started packing, because we had to leave early, because a bridge was going to be backed up. We did so, brought them to the car, and then drove off. Today we were going to Inverness, a city near Loch Ness. After about a few hours of driving, we pulled into a dusty parking lot, and got out. I didn’t know where we were, but when we walked inside I read a sign that said “The Glenlivet Whiskey”. Aauugghh. We were at a whiskey farm.

We booked for a tour, but it started in 20 minutes, so we went into a little cafe’ for some lunch. We went down the line, and I grabbed a apple Tango, cheese sandwich, and a Mars bar. We payed and then sat at a table, and ate our food, a little fast, so we rushed to get our tour. After that more people came, and eventually the guide. He started talking about how the how their whiskey was special. Then he led us into a foul smelling room, that surprisingly smelled like alcohol. After that it got interesting, as he explained the ways that they put cow food and volcanic rocks in the mixture. Then we were led outside where he showed us a dinky little well that was named “clemantine” or something, and that was where they got all of there water. Next we went through the storage room, and then to the tasting area, where Mom and Dad tried some. When they were finished we got out and through the gift shop, and eventually back to the car. I ate my Mars bar, and then we drove on. 1 hour later we stopped at another whiskey place, only this one was fancier and better, called Glenfidditch. This kind my dad liked better, so we went into the gift shop and looked around. Robert and I decided to get him something for Father’s Day, which was later, so we bought a small bottle of whiskey for about one glass. We bought it, but then remembered that we would be on the plane home on Father’s Day, and wouldn’t want to drink it then, so we gave it to him early. It was just what he wanted, and he liked it. When that was over, we piled back in the car and kept driving. Soon we were driving through a town with an unusual name, and it was Dufftown! Like Duff Beer on the Simpson’s! And I’d thought I had heard enough about alcohol in one day.

Then we went for the home stretch of driving, about 2 hours, straight to the town. When we got there we started looking for the hotel, and we went through the streets, avoiding seagulls from the water nearby. Eventually we found it, the Crown Hotel, but it was like a B&B. Everyone got out of the car and went up to the door, and a woman let us in. She was cheerful, and took us to our rooms. Mom and Dad’s had a double bed and a shower, while ours had two singles and a private bathroom across from us. We didn’t unpack, because this stay was only for 1 night. Everyone lazily lied around for a bit, but then mom was ready to go out and eat, so we left the room and started walking through town. The city was right on the water, and it was nice to hear seagulls. We found a place that suited our liking, called #29, and I don’t know why (kinda weird if you ask me). It was a bar too, so all of us went to the restaurant area and looked at the menu. I got a kids burger with some potatoes and a lemonade. Our helpful waiter brought it, and then we thanked him and started eating. My hamburger was good, and huge! I liked the potatoes too, and the drink was great. Mom and Dad loved theirs too. We finished, and then went home and to bed. Tomorrow we’re driving to Oban, and seeing Loch Ness too!