Monday, June 7:  Loch Ness Monster!

This morning I woke up a bit early, because we had to start packing and going again. That meant to grab all of my stuff and dump it in my suitcase, so I did so, but once everybody was finished we went down to breakfast. It was in a nice airy room with a big window looking out on the street, with nobody else. The woman came up and took our orders, where I got the Full English Breakfast with some orange juice. When she brought it, we thanked her and dug in. My egg was perfect, which was a nice change. I finished, and then rushed upstairs and lugged down my bags into the car. Once everybody else was in, we drove off. Today our drive was going to be going to Oban, a waterfront town in Scotland still. It was about 3 hours away, and wouldn’t take long. As we started driving we came to Loch Ness, and was driving right along it! We would be doing that for a long time, because it is 24 miles long! This was one of today’s activities, so we went to the visitor center and audiovisual of the Loch Ness Monster, the official one. The building just looked like a big house, so we walked inside and bought tickets. It was laid out to move from room to room to see another quick movie, and there were about 8 of them. They were very interesting, and I liked the parts where they proved the fake photos, but some were actually real. Though, when it was all finished, it made you feel like the monster wasn’t real, by how they played it. We went through the gift shop and out, to the car. We kept on driving, for about 2 hours. At that time we came to a National Trust site, so we pulled in and looked around.

It was for some big glen, and looked interesting, so we went into the visitor center, where there were some things to do with it. I played with the electronic wildlife test and the mountain climbing simulator. There was also a fun kid’s quiz, too. We were looped right back to the start, so we left and got back in the car. Our dad decided to go through a scenic route, called Glen Coe, some huge hilly range. After about 5 minutes we could notice it, huge brown hills with a little grass, everywhere! It was very beautiful, and a lot of movies were filmed here. One was Harry Potter 3, and that makes sense, because the new director’s view of the Hogwarts area was suddenly very mountainous, unlike Chris Columbus’. We drove through this area for a long time, until we were near the town, where it suddenly stopped. We found our hotel and parked in a lot right outside and looked around. The town was cool, very long and skinny along the water. Everyone grabbed their backpacks, but not luggage, and went inside. A happy Oriental woman showed us to our rooms, on the third and top floor, and opened the door. It was a family room, with two singles and a double, with a nice view and a TV and private bathroom. She let us unpack, and look around. We noticed that the bedspread was the same design as in our parents room in Figeac! It was neat. We all finished, and then took a rest, and in Robert’s and my case, did homework.

After a few hours of that we decided to figure out dinner, and chose to go to some McTavish’s Kitchen place, which had music. We walked along the beach until we came to it, and it was conveniently on the water, so we walked up the stairs, and into the huge room with tons of people, some eating. We found a table near the back for four, and looked at the menu. I got the beef spaghetti, with a lemonade. The waiter took our orders, and then soon the show started. There was an accordion, fiddler, singer, and a dancer. The dancer was young and kind of nervous, but the musicians were great and the singer amazing. It was all Scottish music, only one sounded almost exactly like Australian. Then our meal came, so we ate it, and mine was really good! It was a great amount of meat, not too much or little. I finished eating, and then just listened. Our waiter took our plates and offered us a desert, so Robert and I split a vanilla ice cream and my parents got more drinks. The ice cream was delicious too, with a lot of strawberry syrup. At about 10:00 the show ended, so we put on our coats and walked back home, when the sun was setting. Back at the room I went straight to bed. We’re on the road again tomorrow!