Tuesday, June 8:  Sunny Keswick

This morning I practically had to get a crane to lift me our of bed, but eventually I got up, got dressed, and went down to breakfast with everyone else. There were more people here at least, and they had a great breakfast menu. I got the Full English Breakfast with some OJ again, and it came quickly. We thanked the same woman who gave us our keys yesterday, and then tried everything. All was great, and the egg was good and runny again too. We all ate, and then went upstairs and began to pack. When that was done I grabbed my bag and put it in the car, and then everybody else followed and we eventually got driving. Today we were traveling to the Lakes District, the town of Keswick. It was back in England for a 2 night stay, so we were leaving Scotland. After my counting here, I’ve seen 26 men wearing kilts! After this stay in England we were going to leave England, and got to Wales, but that’s later. We remained driving for about 3 hours, on a huge highway, but pulled off to get some lunch. We parked and walked inside, to the restaurant area, but it was set up like a cafeteria. I got a kid’s menu of a pizza with chips and peas, and then sat down. The huge room was very nice for fast food, with curtains, a rug, and even a fountain! Cool! Then a person brought our meal, so we ate it. Mine was great, and the pizza tasted very fresh. Our parents finished before us, so we ate faster, and then eventually left and went back to the car and drove off. We went on for about 2 more hours, and then got off the motorway at Keswick.

The town was cute, with a lot of shops, but not old ones. We had a little difficulty finding our B&B, but eventually did. We parked on the street and got out, to find it was suddenly much warmer, which was a pleasant change. A man let us in, and we told him our names, so we followed him up to the room, on the top floor. It was a family room, with a nice bathroom and a big window. We looked out the window to see a golf course right across the street, and farther away a hill with sheep, and even FARTHER was the lake, which was beautiful. Everyone unpacked, and then Robert and I went down to the lobby, where we played “Who Wants to be a Millionaire!” with the board game, but I lost at 125,000 pounds (it was the UK version). So, we packed it up and went upstairs again. My parents had decided dinner, which was to be at a pub called the Dog and Gun. A quick walk and we were there, and were seated. It was a dark, but not smokey pub, and I almost had trouble reading the menu. To be different tonight, I tried a roast beef. It was a kid’s portion, and smaller. The meat was good, but there were a lot of veggies, which I didn’t like. Then we were done, so we went back home, and fell asleep. What’ll we do tomorrow?