Wednesday, June 9:  A Day For Fun

Photo 300  It’s the Loch Ness Monster!
Photo 301  Beautiful Keswick
I woke up and then got dressed, and when everybody was done we went down through the lobby and to breakfast. Three tables were set up, and all but ours were taken up. We sat down, and then out came a rambunctious woman who was the owner, and had just come back from London. She gave me a bowl for my cereal, which I ordered yesterday, and also my orange juice. I grabbed some frosted flakes and started eating. After that came the main Full English Breakfast, and everything was great, especially the egg. When we were all finished all of us went back to the room and decided what to do. Everything turned out that we would go to the laundromat and internet shop, and then to the pool. We packed some bags of clothes, and then walked to the washers. We got a machine and loaded, and then everybody left and walked to the “cyber cafe.” Dad plugged in his laptop and Robert and I shared a machine. After 30 minutes we got off, and then Dad, Robert, and I went back to the laundromat, where we loaded up the laundry and then walked to the pool. We had backpacks with a bathing suit and towels, so we went to the building, bought admission, and then went inside. It was awesome! There was a huge water slide, and I read a sign that said that the place turned into a wave pool every half hour. I went into the water and got wet, and then got in line for the water slide. I walked up the spiral staircase, and then went into the tunnel. It was light for a while, and then they purposely made it black and dark, and they called it the “black hole”.

It was fun, because you couldn’t see where you were going. Then it turned light, and you popped right back out. I did it more and more times, and the lines seem to go away until it was only Robert and I. Then we started to get sick, so we played in the normal area. After 30 minutes the lifeguard said that the wave pool was starting, and it did! They were fun, and huge. Near the end of the pool it was like breaking on the shore, and the most fun. After 5 minutes it ended, and we just played. After that we got dressed and then went back to Dad, who was waiting. Mom went out to buy presents for her friends, so it was just us, and we were hungry. Luckily we packed a lunch, so all of us went out to the grass and ate. I had a tuna sandwich, a McCoys cheddar chips, and an apple Fanta. Everything was delicious, especially the sandwich. While Robert and I ate, Dad was looking at the map, and said that there was a really neat pencil museum nearby. Cool. We agreed to go, but had to check by the room to see if Mom wanted to go. We did just that, she said no, and we walked back. Eventually we came to it and went inside and bought tickets. The rooms first led us through a cave like thing, and then popped out into the real exhibit. I read about this place, which is currently still a pencil factory, and was the first in the world! It was because they discovered graphite here, which used to be the source for the lead, but now they changed it to a less-expensive kind of mineral. Plus, one tree had wood for 150,000 trees! And they made several million a year.

A cartoon movie was made all out of Cumberland colored pencils, and they showed you a 3 minute clip of it. It was called “The Snowman,” and was after the book. Also in the movie was how they made the pencils with machines, which was amazing. Finally the last thing to see was the best, a 5.41 (17.74 feet) long colored pencil! It was huge! Yellow lead was in the middle, and the diameter was about 1 foot. A poster was on the wall for the Guinness record of longest pencil in the world! We emerged into the gift shop, and looked around. We decided to get a little thing from this unique place, so Robert and I both payed for a set of water color colored pencils. It looked like a lot of fun, because I stink at water colors, but am OK with colored pencils, and would look nice. We left, and then went back to the room where my mom was watching tennis. We lazed around for a while, but quickly decided what to do next. This place isn’t called the Lakes District for nothing, and a lake was just in this town. You could rent paddle boats there for cheap, so we decided to do that. Everyone set out, walking along the golf course until we could see the water. Mom found a place to buy one, so a man helped us with life jackets and the boat, and then we were on the water. Today it was kind of windy, so the water was choppy. We paddled around out of the current by and island, and then just sat. Robert spotted a few fish, and started going on about how he once caught a fish with his bare hands (yeah, right).

After about an hour was up we had to row it back to the dock, so we did that, thanked the man, and left for home. We could see our house as we walked through the course, but then went up to our room. There I did some homework and stuff, for about 2 hours, and after that we were hungry, and decided where to go to dinner. A folder downstairs in the lobby had a ton of menus from places here in Keswick, and people who went there wrote if they liked it or not. A nice Italian place was here, and nobody wrote anything bad, so it was decided to go there. A 10 minute walk later we were there. I sat down and looked at the menu. I got an Italian cheese pizza, and soon it came. It was huge and cheesy, just how I liked it! Everything was good, but I felt sick after eating it all and walking home. I went to bed, remembering that we were leaving tomorrow.