Thursday, June 10:  Conwy, the Walled Town

I steadily got up and eventually got down to our second breakfast downstairs. The same cheerful woman was serving, and knew our order and brought it. Mine was just as great as yesterdays, and then finished by thanking her and walking back upstairs to pack. With that accomplished I had nothing left to do, so I lounged around for a few moments, and then brought the stuff downstairs to the lobby. We got out of the way of the toilet water dripping from the ceiling onto the couch, and sat down. Then our parents came, and everyone loaded into the car. With a goodbye to the owner, the cheerful blond woman, we drove off. Today our voyage was to Conwy, pronounced con-way . It was in Wales, and then we would never come back to England again, so it would be different. They also speak Welsh and English, so everything will be in two different languages. Luckily the drive would be mostly on a big highway, so I couldn’t get carsick. For about 2 hours we drove, until stopping at a “services” place, for food and groceries and bathrooms. A McDonalds was there, so we had to break our record of 2 months without it. Inside it was just like home, only with ads for football (still soccer). I got the kids menu, and noticed that they really tried to make people eat healthy. The kids menu had a huge handout on the protein and stuff in their new menus, with fruit bags and 23 percent less salt in their fries, skimmed milk, organic juice, and the like. I wonder if it is suddenly like this at home, and I hope it is. I ate my food, which was great. When all of us were done we went back in the car, stuffed. A 30 minute drive later we were in a town called Alberbury, where we had to stop. A church was here, and it had a marker for a ancestor of ours, and our Grandmother wanted us to take a picture, because it isn’t on the web. This is the same Grandmother, Hazlehurst Beezer, who found out about the Manincourts. We found the church, a nice small one, and walked up to the door to find it was locked!

We knew it wouldn’t open, so we walked across the street and asked a woman who lived here. She said to go down the street to a mansion owned by people who must be our relatives if we are connected to the marker. My dad thanked her, and we started down the long driveway. The house was huge! After parking we got out and rang the doorbell, and it was answered by a woman who lived there. We told her about the church, and she was happy to let us in and show us around, so we hopped in the car again and followed her back. She let us in and we looked around. It was a nicer church on the inside, with all kinds of decorations. We were led into a chapel called the Leighton chapel (my dad’s brother was named after that). There were a lot of markers, but not the one we were looking for. Back in the main part we all started looking, and then found it! The drawing we printed was just like it, only colored (duh). It was a death mark of some Abigail dude, and wasn’t very interesting to us, but I took a picture. Then the woman left, so we thanked her and then we checked out the rest of the church. Each kneeler was a cushion which were embroidered animal on it, from hamster to a cow, and were all by different people. Afterwards we turned off the lights and went back to the car to go for the final stretch of driving. After a bit we came to the border, and suddenly were in Wales! Since this road wasn’t major, there wasn’t a big sign. Then after a bit, we were back in England. Huh? The big road we just got on was weaving in and out of the border, so all in all we switched 7 times until we were finally back in Wales for good. From there it wasn’t long until we came to the town, Conwy.

Photo 302  The Conwy Castle, Wales
Photo 303  The Smallest House in Great Britain!

It was a walled town, and kind of small, but a lot of people like to go there. We went over one of the three bridges (train, car, and pedestrian) to get across the water, and then past the main castle. We parked by it, because we had spotted the B&B, called the Town House. Everyone walked inside and was greeted by a nice man. He showed us to our rooms, on the top floor. Robert’s and mine was a double bed with a TV and sink, and our parents was the same thing only bigger and with a bathroom. We settled in, and then lied around. I read in the brochure for this place that they just finished doing a huge re-doing job, where all of the furniture was moved, the walls painted, and all of that. I noticed it, because it was very nice and everything was in order. Everybody did nothing for another hour or two, and then started to think about dinner. The woman who works here recommends a great Italian place here, called Alfredo Restaurant. She told us where it was, and we followed that to a square down the street, where we could easily spot it. Inside we were seated, and looked around. It was definitely Italian, with all kinds of wine bottles and ivy in the ceiling. I then looked at the menu, and decided to get the canneloni. For a drink I got milk. When it came it was very hot, so it was dumped on a cold plate and I poked holes in it. Eventualy it was cool, so I ate it. The recipe had a tone of spinach in it, and was kinda good and kinda not. When all of us were done we thanked our waiter and left. Since it was still light out we didn’t want to go to the room, so we walked down the street another way to come to a harbor! It was beautiful, with a ton of sailboats and a pretty nice beach. Robert and I played in the sand, while our parents waited on a bench. They told us to come back, so we did and then walked home. Now I could fall asleep. Tomorrow we can explore the castle!