Friday, June 11:  Many Castles and Houses

Today I got up as usual, and got dressed and then went down to the breakfast room downstairs on the first floor. It was a Full English Breakfast, but with hash browns and some “black pudding” stuff. I didn’t get that, but everything else was great. You could get cereal beforehand too. Then we went back upstairs and got ready to go out and see some sights. First it was to visit the castle, so we just walked outside and there it was. To get to the main part we had to walk some, though, but that meant going on the ramparts, which was fun. We could see some people playing Boules, down in the grass. After we came to the main part we bought tickets and walked up a ramp into the courtyard in the center. It was a ruin, so the main thing to do was to walk around up the towers and stuff. Mom went her own way, but the rest of us went up the tall tower, with a stupendous view of everywhere. Also, on a high courtyard, we could see the three bridges clearly, and three baby seagulls were there! They were brown and small, and with the shape of their beak made them look like the Dodos. After that was over we went to the main courtyard to look for mom, but she never came. We decided she was in the gift shop, so we walked all the way back there, and she was still gone. Dad went to look for her, while Robert and I waited. Dad and Mom came back, so I got a postcard of the town. We exited, and decided where to go after this. One thing on the list was to visit the smallest house in Britain, which was down by the water, a short walk. 5 minutes later we found it, and a woman dressed like a pioneer was there for admission.

She couldn’t make change for a ten, so only Robert and I got to go in. The inside was small, with a teeny little room with enough room for a bed stand (table) light bulb (lamp) and a painting. Up a cramped little ladder was a little room with enough room for a cot, and that was pretty much it. I couldn’t believe it! Outside it looked much more miniscule, and was red. The woman told us about how it was in the Guinness Book of world records, which made sense. We thanked her, becaues she was very helpful, and then walked to our next stop, another house. This one was a very old house in the middle of the town, and was a reconstructed in the inside. Through an arch and into a courtyard, we walked into the ticket office/gift shop where we caught tickets. It was nice, because they offered a free audio guide to listen to as we went through all of the rooms. There was a dining room, lots of bedrooms, an entertaining room, an attic, a kitchen, a butchery, and all kinds of other things! The audio-guide helped a lot, which gave all kinds of good information. When the tour was over we were directed to the gift shop, which we passed through and then went ourside. Now, the next thing to do was, LUNCH! Yesterday we spotted a tea room that looked good for food, so we found it again and went inside. At a small table we sat down and looked at the menu. We were surprised to see that there was only one choice of tea, which struck me as odd. I got a meal that included a scone, cheese sandwich, drink, and a salad. We ordered at the counter, and then sat down until it came. My sandwich was delicious, and the salad was OK, and the scone was great when you pile on all kinds of jam. We all finished eating, and then went outside, to find that this wasn’t the tea room! It was a cafe’! That made sense that they had only one kind of tea, but it was weird that we went into the place next door by mistake. Oh, well.

I took the direct route home, and then sat on the bed. Soon our parents had found something else fun to do, and it meant to go to another castle a bit away. We walked to the car and then set off. I can’t spell how what the castle was called, because it had a huge long Welsh name. After a 20 minute drive along the water we parked in the town of the same name of the castle. It started to rain so we just ignored it and rushed to the ticket office, bought some, and then went into the courtyard. The thing to do here was to look at the exhibits, so we went into a door and looked at all of the writings. It talked about the chain of castles around here, and the history of just this one. After that a show was starting, so we went into the audiovisual theatre and grabbed seats just as it started. This was pretty much the same thing, only in a video, talking about the castles, including Conwy. After about 15 minutes it was finished, so that left us with the last thing to do was to go into the exhibit that talked about the crowning of Prince Charles. A short movie showed the old BBC showing of it, and then left us to look at the stuff. The actual thing happened here, which was a very big deal, and I thought it was neat. Afterwards we got back in the warm car and drove home, where I did some of my homework. Since I got all of my typing done, we decided to go out for dinner. We felt lazy and really liked last night’s Italian, so we were going back again. A quick walk and we were inside, ready to order. I decided to get a cheese and parmesan pizza, and soon it came. It was Italian, or thin crust, and was very delicious and cheesy, but not too cheesy. When we were done all of us grabbed a mint, thanked them, and then went back home and to bed. Tomorrow we’re going to Dublin.