Saturday, June 12:  RIVERDANCE

I was woken up by my dad a little early, because we had to get packed and ready to go to Ireland. I did that, and then went down to the car and put the luggage in the trunk. When all of that was accomplished we had to go get breakfast, but since it was early I only got a continental breakfast of cocoa chocolate puffs, honey explosions, and all kinds of useless cereal in a big bowl of mush, that wasn’t bad. I got some hot chocolate and orange juice too. Then we had to leave, so we said goodbye to the helpful and cheerful owners, and got in the car. Today we had to take a ferry to Ireland, Dublin, and were dropping off the car. After 30 minutes of driving we came to Hollyhead port, where we were stopping. My dad parked the car in the long term parking, where the people would pick it up. With our luggage we barely caught the shuttle bus from the lot to the main area, but did. Soon we got out and went inside, where my dad found the Europcar office, and dropped off the car keys. Afterwards all of us headed over to the baggage check, did that, they took our luggage and loaded it to the ferry and THEN we went to the crowd of people by the road. They were all waiting for another shuttle, so when it came all of us boarded on again, and then off at the huge looming ship in front of us. We boarded up to the passenger floor and went inside, and WOW! It was amazing! There was a huge double staircase, tables with armchairs, a cafe’, and a gaming room! I was amazed that it was like this in a ship, and was a far cry from the Puget Sound ferries. My parents were amazed at it from the small price we payed. The seats soon filled up, so Mom and I were at one table and Dad and Robert at another. After a few minutes we were moving, and very fast, too. It would take an hour and a half, which meant I would just do my homework and look out of the window. For a period of time there was nothing but ocean, which was dull. But soon Ireland was in sight, and even sooner we had arrived in Dublin.

The boat stopped, and everyone poured out and into the Dublin landing building, where they checked our passports and stuff. After that we caught a bus to take us to the center of the town, and went to the top floor, just like the London buses. After 15 minutes of touring the more industrial view of Dublin, we got off at a spot near the big river that runs through, the Liffey. Since we had no idea where we were, my dad managed to find a taxi. Inside with our luggage, my mom told the driver to take us to Jurys Inn Christchurch, where we were staying. It would be the first major chain hotels on this trip, excluding the airport in Seattle. We said Christchurch, because there was more than one of these in this one city! The man dropped us off, so we unloaded, payed, and thanked him. We walked through the big automatic door and to the front desk, where we asked an Indian man with a cool turban. He checked us in, but the room wouldn’t be ready until 2:30. He took our bags, and then we sat on a couch to decided what to do. This place was definitely a big company, because of the bar, lobby, and restaurant. I followed my parents back outside, because we had decided something. First on the list was to find some lunch. Down the street was a nice little cafe’, with a decent menu. Robert grabbed a spot at a table, and Mom grabbed the menus. In the end I got a ham and cheese quesadilla. When it came I tasted it, and it was great! The cheese was swiss, and the ham SUPERB, which made a great combo. Everybody got the same thing, and loved it too. We finished, and then walked outside. Next on the list was to go to Gaiety Theatre. We were going to go there to see if they had really cheap tickets to see...

RIVERDANCE! We could probably get seats that was restricted viewing. Inside the box office, the woman said that there were cheap tickets, for 8:00 tonight. We bought them, and I was so excited! I thanked my parents many times, and then we went on. The last thing to do was to find an internet cafe’, so my dad could load things to the web page. We found one on the street, and had no difficulty, because there were about 50 in this city. The one we found was called “oblivion”, and the computers were in a room made to look like space. Robert and I shared a machine, and then after 20 minutes all of us packed it up and walked outside and back to the hotel. They were ready for us to come, so we got our bags and went to the elevator and up to level 4. There, we got off and walked to #432, and went inside. The room had a big double bed, and a sofa. The sofa folded out into a double, too. There was also a TV, tea set, and bathroom. All of us unpacked, and tried to open the windows, because it was BOILING! For a bit all of us lazed around, but then Dad had to make some important phone calls, so Mom, Robert, and I walked outside. Across the street was Christchurch, with an exhibit called Dublinia, which was a medieval exhibit. Mom said it looked like fun, so we went in to the ticket booth. 3 tickets were purchased, and then we walked inside. The 1st floor was set up like a carnival, where each booth was something to do. I liked the ring throwing the best, and the wax rubbings. But there was also a thing were you throw plastic balls on a wax dummy in the stocks, and when you hit her she babbles nonsense. On the next floor up it was more educational, talking about this areas history, including lots of trade. On the third floor it was under construction, so the last thing to do was to walk through the gift shop and back outside. All of us figured that Dad was finished, so we went back to the hotel and up the stairs.

He was done, and everybody was ready to find dinner. Since there was a restaurant downstairs, we went there. It was called Arch, and nobody was there, but soon filled up. The menu was good, and I got a kids cheeseburger. Our waiter brought it, and the taste was great. They put mayo on it, which I have never done, and was great. After we had all eaten, we grabbed our coats and walked out to the Gaiety theatre to see Riverdance! The theatre was packed, because the actors just came back from some other place for a long time, and are glad to be back in Dublin, where it began. We walked up stairs showing old plays on the walls, and into the actual seating area. It was a very beautiful place, and everything was very ornate. Now, what was cool about our tickets was that since we had restricted viewing, that meant we got our own booth! I think that it is cool you get to pay a cheap price for a box. Riverdance is not a play, but Irish dancing that kind of tells a story. The lights then dimmed, and it began!

Wow. It was just plain amazing! The tap dancers tapped so fast their feet were a blur, and there were Russian dancers that were practically gymnasts, plus a Spanish flamingo dancer! I had never seen anything like it before. After 2 hours of pure enjoyment, it ended and we had to leave then go back home, to the room. Tomorrow we’ll journey to greater depths of Dublin (gasp)!