Monday, June 14:  Farewell, Thy Dublin!

I woke up on the floor, and then got up and dressed. Eventually I started packing, because we were moving again, to Cashel. After all of that was accomplished all of us went out to breakfast, at the same place. This time I got a lemon and sugar pancake, which was very unique and delicious. After that we loaded all of our luggage out of the room and locked it. Since we had no car, we had arranged to rent another one, and we don’t know what kind it is. To get to the Europcar (the rental company) office, we took a cab. The driver was very friendly, and also helpful. Then we came to our stop, got out the bags, and went to the front desk. Our parents signed papers while Robert and I sat down in the chairs. When that was over with we were shown our car, and it was pretty neat! The model was a VW Passat, a silver color. We thanked them and got ourselves and the luggage inside and drove away. It was neat on the inside, too. It was about 2.5 hours until we got to Cashel, so I looked out the window at all of the cow ranches, until we arrived. It was a very cool town, and the cloudless, sunny and warm weather made it even better. Before we found our B+B we searched for a nice lunch spot. Dad parked the car, and then we walked into a little cafe’ that was recommended to us. But the people said that they weren’t a restaurant anymore, just pastries and coffee. She said that there was a very wonderful beer garden nearby, so we headed there. We walked out of the bar area and to the garden, and it was BEAUTIFUL!

There were all kinds of flowers and uprisings for chairs and tables, and we were seated kinda high. I looked at the menu, and decided to get a cheese sandwich and a Fanta. The sandwich was great when I ate it, and it wasn’t cheddar, but something better. It was hot out, too, and the drink helped. Then, when all of us were finished we left and went back to the car, in search of the B+B. We followed signs past some construction work and to the pleasant street where we spotted it and went to the private parking. We got out and walked to the front door, and a tall man helped us to our room. The house was pretty, with lots of antiques. Up a set of stairs and through the hallway, and we were inside. The room was great, with big windows, a double bed, and two single beds. I chose the one near the light, and unpacked just a few things, because we were staying 1 night. We lazed around, until we decided to go and grab our luggage and come back. After that we all went outside to do some sightseeing. The main thing to do was to see Castle Cashel, visible on the hill a few minutes walk away. We went up to the top of the hill and into the ticket office, bought some, and walked into a quick exhibit. They had a St. Patrick cross, because St. Patrick was here for a long time, which gave this place the nickname of St. Francis’ rock. Then we started touring the actual ruin. It was very neat, and the style was Romanesque. We visited the chapel, main rooms, and everything else, including a graveyard. On the backside was a hill, where we rested there for a while, until 3:40, when an audiovisual was beginning. We watched it in a theatre, and it was interesting. It talked about its history. 20 minutes later it was over, so we left and walked back home.

Mom and Robert went to some other thing, but Dad wanted to rest and I wanted to type, so we went back. I finished a lot in my journal, and then Mom and Robert got back. They lazed around for a bit, but then got hungry. They stopped at a bar to get a drink, and they liked the looks of it, so we went there. Just down an alley behind the B+B, and through the street. Inside was some seating, and a bar. I looked at the menu, and decided to get their chicken nuggets, which were much better here than at home. The chicken here was fresh, and delicious! When it came it was exactly as I pictured it, and came with fries. For a drink I had milk. When we were all done, we walked back home. Since it was still light out, we walked down by the Cashel Castle, but down the hill, to a ruined abbey we wanted to see. It was pretty, with a great view of Cashel. Then we walked back home and went to bed. Tomorrow, it’s onward to Dingle!