Tuesday, June 15:  Fungie (not the plant)!

I woke up and jumped out of bed, ready to get packing. After that we all went down to the breakfast room, downstairs. It was a nice room, with two big tables for all of the guests to sit at. We chatted with some people from Minnesota, and then my meal came. It was the Full English Breakfast again, with orange juice. The egg was perfect, and the sausage was great. After we were finished, all of us went up, carted our bags down, gave the tall man the keys, and drove off. Today our next stop was to be at the town of Dingle, on the Dingle Peninsula. We have heard from a lot of people that it was very pretty and beautiful, and was on the West Coast, on the water. Dublin was on the East Coast, and our last place was right in the middle. As we drove it got very scenic, except for the tractors we saw going thiry on the motorway. Near the end of the 3 hour drive we got on the huge Dingle peninsula, with a great beach. We drove off and down a dusty road to the beach, and got off to explore. Robert and I went out on the sand, and it turned out to be bigger than we thought. The sand was beautiful, and some was pink. Just to say we did, we stuck our feet in the Atlantic. Our mom was getting cold, so we went back to the car and kept on driving. Five minutes later the town was in sight, and was plunged into the town center. Afterwards we drove up to our hotel, a big salmon pink building called the Alpine Guest House. We walked inside with our luggage, and a nice man took us up to our room, on the second floor. The interior of the house was pretty too, and up in our room it was great. There was a double bed for our parents, and two single beds, plus a bathroom. Outside we could see a lawn, with a Welsh Corgi dog! My favorite! Then we unpacked, and as soon as that was over went out for lunch in town, because it was 2:00. The man that helped us recommended a pub that had great kids food, so we went there. The town center was very cheerful, and since it was right on the water, so it had lots of fish stuff.

In the pub we found, Robert grabbed a seat and then we looked at the menu. I got a cheese sandwich and a glass of milk. The place seemed to have two bars, and a restaurant area, which struck me as unusual. Then the meal came, so I ate it. The milk was good, and the sandwich was OK. When we all were done, we crossed the street in to the Tourist Information booth. Mom got a map and stuff, and Robert got a little ceramic B+B cottage thing to remind him of the places we stayed. When that was over we left and went back to our hotel. It was about 4:00 now, and all of us were ready to do something. The main, and pretty much only thing, to do in this town alone was to go out on a boat and view a dolphin. The dolphin’s name was Fungie, and lives in the harbor. What it weird is that he is not fed, but likes to hang around here all of the time, and chases boats in the wake. Right behind the TI (tourist info) was the office, where Dad reserved some places on the boat for 4:45. For 20 minutes we waited, and finally walked onto the boat. The woman was helping look for it, and telling us where it was. About 15 people were sitting with us, on the first deck outside, as the boat moved on. After a bit, we could see him! It was very amazing, because he hopped up right next to you, and a lot. The boat circled around the bay, and the dolphin followed, having fun. For periods of time he went off to rest, but then came back again! After an hour of this, the boat pulled out to the harbor, and everybody got off. We thanked our parents, and then went back to the room. There I got a ton of homework done, like usual.

About 2 or 3 hours later all of us went out in search of dinner. A place was recommended to us by a guidebook, so we went there. Inside it was kind of like a cafe’, but a restaurant too. We were seated back behind the counter, in a corner. I looked at the menu and decided to get some chicken nuggets with chips. Our cheerful waiter brought it, just as we finished a game of Hearts. Mine was delicious, especially the fries. After everyone had finished we walked back home and went to sleep, awaiting tomorrow.