Thursday, June 17:  The Shortest Drive So Far!

I got up again today, and started to pack up again, for our drive. With that done, all of us walked down to the breakfast room and had the usual, except we ordered hot chocolate and they forgot to bring it! Afterwards we loaded the packed bags into the car, but didn’t go just yet. Dad, Robert, and I wanted to go to an internet cafe’, so we walked into the center of town, to find that there was a wait for computers and my dad couldn’t plug in his laptop. Walking back in the rain we got in the car, and drove off. Today our next destination was Kenmare, a city about the size of Bath, and only about 1 and a 1/2 to 2 hours away (I’m in heaven!). The drive was very scenic as we went on, and for a long time passed through a national park. 2 hours later we were in the city, and parked on the road to have a look around. Since it was about 12:30 we decided to have a look for lunch. Past all kinds of complementary colored houses we stopped in the TI to get some maps and stuff.

Afterwards we ducked inside a crowded cafe’ for lunch, called plainly “Jam.” (mmm... strawberry) I got a tuna wrap and split a tiramisu cake with my mom. We sat near the window, and ate. Mine was very good but hard to keep together, and the cake had delicious frosting. Now we walked back to the car and drove off in search of the B+B. We crossed over a bridge leaving the main part of town, and came to a kind of residential foresty area. Up a driveway and down a lane, and we were at the house, and looked homey. We parked the car to be greeted by a dog and cat! Robert played with the dog, while I did the cat, who was very friendly. Then we had to take our bags up, so we did and then unpacked and settled in. The house reminded me of one in Gig Harbor, out in the middle of nowhere, but kinda close to the water. It was new, built 2 years ago, and had a modern touch to it. Robert’s and mine room had purple and white walls, with a bathroom and all kinds of cool decorations. Mom and Dad’s was the same, only blue. I did some typing for a few hours, and then we walked back outside to head into town.

There was a small trail provided by the people who live here, that takes you near the bridge, and saves you from walking around. We followed it and then walked over the bridge and at the edge of town was the Post Office. There we could do some internet, and my dad plugged in his computer to get e-Mail, while Robert and I just played. Halfway through Mom went out to go shopping, so when we were done we met her in a small park smack dab in the center of everything. She bought a silk scarf, which was black with a Celtic design from the Book of Kells! She was taught by Marie-France Manoncourt how to tie it the French way, so she did that. At that time it was silly to go all the way back home and then walk all the way back to find dinner, so we just ate now. Staying on budget we ate at a place called PJ’s Fast Food, and I got a chicken burger and a mint milkshake. We ate upstairs, where it was empty. My burger was great, but the shake was even better. Afterwards we walked back home and eventually went to bed. Tomorrow we’re driving the Ring of Kerry!