Saturday, June 19:  The Crowded Town of Kilkenny

Roused by my dad, I hopped out of bed and went down to breakfast. This time I had poached eggs on toast, which were OK. There was a show going on outside the window, the cat and dog fighting each other. After that I walked back up to pack up my stuff, and when that was done loaded it into the car. My dad payed the woman and we said goodbye, to both the owner and the animals. The car started, and we were off. Today the drive was to Kilkenny, a city in the center of Ireland, because now we were heading to the West. The drive was pretty boring, until we got out to have lunch. It was in some big town with a castle, and I forget the name. We got out and went into the building which was a gift shop on the first floor, and a cafe’ on the top. Up the stairs and to the eatery, we sat down and looked at the menu. I got another tuna sandwich on white bread, with tap water. My sandwich was delicious, and tasted very authentic. We then walked back into the car before it started to rain, and then continued the drive. About 1 hour later we came to the city, and IT WAS PACKED!!! All kinds of people were roaming the sidewalks, mostly college aged people, and the whole road was backed up. Eventually we got out of the mess and was going right and left on the more residential part. Then we were at the B+B, which just looked like somebody’s house. We rang the bell and then it was answered by a nice woman with blonde hair. Our room was 2 steps away, so she gave us the key and walked away. The room was cramped but cute, with a double bed next to a big window, a single bed and one that pulled out from under it. The bathroom had a nice skylight. We didn’t unpack, since it was only a 1 night stay. I did some homework for a bit, but then we went out to see some sights.

First was to see a church, called Canice. It is the main cathedral here in Kilkenny, and somewhat famous. After a short walk we were on the grounds, looking around. There was a long thin tower that you could climb up, so we decided to do so. But for insurance reasons, only people 12 and up could do it, so Mom stayed behind with Robert, while Dad and I climbed it. You were inside it, and it led by a bunch of wooden ladders, about 6. Then we came to the top, and we looked at the view. Sadly, the view of Kilkenny from here is more the industrial side, but still was pretty. We headed back down, and then all of us went inside the actual part of the church. The inside was beautiful, with a lot of stained glass. Also, it was big. A while ago the roof was falling in, so they had to make newer wooden ceiling. After looking at it all, we walked back outside and onto the crowded main street, to go to the next stop. A more impressive thing in this town is the Castle, which we just walked up to. The building was massive, with amazing grounds, and it seemed more like a palace. To see the inside we had to book a tour, which we did, and then waited outside on the grass until it was time to go back in. The woman with black hair showed us into a room, and we watched a movie about the history of this place. A long time ago, like a couple hundred years, the owners got bankrupt and had to auction all of their belongings, leaving this place a dump. Then the people who give tours and some other Heritage program fixed up the entire thing to how it would look back then, down to the exact wall paper. Then we followed her through some rooms, and each was more different and fancy. At the end we walked back outside, in search of a good meal, dinner.

I was starving for some reason, so we decided to try a Chinese restaurant. It was a fancy one, too, and we were led by some waiters upstairs to the elegant room to eat at. I looked at the menu, and decided to get chicken chow mein and a Fanta. When it came I tried it, and it was delicious! I had never tried it, and barely ever had Chinese period. This would be our last dinner in Europe, because tomorrow we were hopping on a plane and flying back to Gig Harbor! When we finished we thanked the waiter and walked back home, and to bed. So long Europe!